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(Sacramento) – Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles), during a news conference at the state capitol this afternoon, said a comprehensive water solutions package could be brought to the full legislature for review very soon. Speaker Bass says the package will include a strong conservation component, strict water rights enforcement, the creation of a Delta Stewardship Council and multi-billion dollars bond package to pay for desperately needed infrastructure improvements and delta restoration.

"We have worked hard, day and night, especially over the last six days. And I believe that we have made amzing progress," said Speaker Bass. "You know the Governor has called for a special session on water. And I believe him calling for that special session will be helpful for us."

"I believe that this will represent the most comprehensive and significant water infrastructure and policy advances since the state water project was established in the 1960s."

The Speaker also commented on the Governor’s decisions related to the hundreds of bills sent to him by the State Legislature.

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  • Speaker Bass’ opening remarks to media at this afternoon’s news conference.
  • Speaker Bass says she’s pleased the Governor decided to sign or veto legislation based on its media at this afternoon’s news conference.
  • Speaker Bass says she believes a water solutions package is close to being finalized.
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