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(Sacramento) – Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill (AB) 962, authored byAssemblymember Kevin De León (D-Los Angeles) late last night. The bill restricts the access to bullets by criminals, gang members and other persons prohibited from possessing firearms.

“I am very pleased that the Governor approved giving law enforcement the valuable tool to track down armed and dangerous criminals and gang-bangers in our communities,” said De León. “AB 962 will take ammunition out of the hands of those dangerous individuals and is a critical component for cracking down on the gang violence terrorizing neighborhoods in many urban communities across California.”

AB 962 prohibits the selling of handgun ammunition to criminals and gang members. It also mandates that ammunition must be safely stored and requires purchasers of ammunition to show ID and provide a thumbprint. The thumbprint will enable local law enforcement to conduct reliable, real time background checks on ammunition purchasers and track down those that illegally purchase such ammunition.

AB 962 is built upon successful local ordinances in Los Angeles and Sacramento and which has led to the arrest of hundreds of armed and dangerous criminals and the confiscation of hundreds of firearms, including machine guns, assault weapons and bombs.

According to a RAND study, this type of law reduces illegal ammunition purchases and increases the detection and apprehension of dangerous persons who should not be armed and are likely to commit additional violent crimes in the future.

In just the last year, the Sacramento Ordinance allowed law enforcement to track down and arrest individuals who were prohibited from purchasing ammunition. Of those arrested, nearly 200 hundred were armed and dangerous criminals;151 had felony convictions; Five gang members, 44 were on probation; 41 were second strikers; two of them were third strikers; four were sex offenders; and two had been to prison for murder.

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  • Assemblymember De León says he’s very pleased the Governor signed AB 962.
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