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SACRAMENTO – Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles), joined by Assemblymembers Nathan Fletcher (R-San Diego) and Marty Block (D-San Diego), met today with the family of Chelsea King at the State Capitol. Following the meeting, Pérez announced he is directing the Assembly to provide up to $250,000 from its budget savings to the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) for training parole and probation officers in investigation techniques that the SOMB has concluded can help protect communities from potential repeat offenders.

“The safety of our public must always be the highest priority for any government, and clearly California needs to look at ways to increase supervision of parolees to prevent anyone else from being victimized—and to ensure that the punishment for those offenses is appropriate to protect communities, and especially children, from dangerous offenders,” Pérez said.

“I’m pleased to work with the Speaker to support our front-line officers with this funding,” Fletcher said. “Our laws and the enforcement of our laws must be strengthened if we’re going to keep our children safe in their communities.”

In the current fiscal year, the Assembly has already redirected $18 million from its budget savings to provide Californians with services from Cal-Fire, the Employment Development Department and the California Department of Parks and Recreation

Website of Speaker John A. Pérez:

Below are links to audio from today’s news conference.

Assembly Speaker Pérez’s opening remarks at today’s news conference. (2:25) mp3

Assemblymember Block says the legislation is the right response to such a horrible crime. (:13) mp3

Mr. King thanks Speaker Pérez and Assemblymembers for their support. (:40) mp3

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