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SACRAMENTO – Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) was joined by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca at Los Angeles Union Station today to announce the Speaker’s introduction of AB 2324, legislation that will help protect commuters and travelers by making it a crime to bring most weapons aboard public transit vehicles and into vulnerable areas of bus depots and train stations. The bill will also make it a crime to knowingly avoid security screenings and strengthen penalties for repeat offenders engaging in certain dangerous crimes.

“We need to keep weapons out of our mass transit system so that passengers have a safe way to travel and employees have a safe place to work, just as we do at our airports and seaports,” Pérez said. “AB 2324 will be another tool Sheriff Baca and all the other professionals here today can use to help the rest of us go about our daily routines safely and securely.”

“AB 2324 allows law enforcement to employ better methods of maintaining order and security, really giving travelers piece of mind and helping us prevent potential terrorist attacks on our transportation hubs,” Baca said. “Keeping weapons a safe distance away from these vulnerable sites strengthens our front lines and denies opportunities to would-be perpetrators.”

Assembly Bill 2324 prohibits an unauthorized person from knowingly entering a sterile area of a public transit vehicle station if that area has been posted with a notice that access is restricted, and creates a punishment if that person refuses to leave the area after being requested to do so by a peace officer or authorized personnel.

Assembly Bill 2324 also makes it a misdemeanor to willfully tamper with, remove, displace, injure, or destroy any part of any light rail train or bus equipment; and it recasts the provisions related to disturbing the peace on a public transit vehicle.

The bill also prohibits a person from intentionally bypassing security checkpoints at a public transit vehicle station and creates a punishment if a violation of this prohibition is responsible for the evacuation of public transit vehicle station.

Finally, the bill recasts provisions related to fare evasion and increases the penalty for repeat offenders.

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