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SACRAMENTO – Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) was joined by California child care providers today to discuss how the California Jobs Budget can help 50,000 small business child care providers weather the recession and allow parents to continue working and contributing to the economy.

“If we want to fix the budget and help the economy recover we need to save and create jobs wherever possible,” Pérez said. “Helping small business child care providers keep their doors open -- and helping the parents who depend on them so they can work -- is the common sense approach we take in the California Jobs Budget that should be part of any final answer.”

“We want to be sure every step we take to close the budget deficit is done with a focus on jobs for Californians,” Blumenfield said. “That’s why it’s important for us to protect over 100,000 small business jobs for child care providers and to make sure the parents they serve can also continue to work. Child care is critical to keeping the workforce going in California and the budget needs to reflect that.”

Pérez highlighted the restoration of services the Assembly Democrats’ California Jobs Budget proposal would provide for 50,000 child care small businesses that employ 130,000 child care providers overseeing the health and education of 200,000 children in California. Two child care providers joining the Speaker were Bonnie Kurtz from National Human Development Foundation in Sacramento and Tonia McMillian, who owns her own home child care business in Los Angeles County.

“The state subsidized child care funding we received to run our programs at NHDF not only employs me and our 50 staff members, but also allows the 275 families we serve to go to work every day and earn a living,” said Kurtz.

“Helping families transition into the workforce makes sense for our economy and for the well-being of our children and communities,” said McMillian. “Our budget should be a blueprint for how to lift one another and rebuild this state into a place where we can all thrive.”

The California Jobs Budget would provide $1.9 billion to protect CalWORKS and Proposition 98 child care programs for Californians working and contributing to the state’s economy. This funding would come from the $10.1 billion in Jobs and Economic Security Funds that the California Jobs Budget provides to save and create jobs for Californians by instituting the same type of oil severance fee that every other state applies to companies that extract oil. For more information on the ways the California Jobs Budget will save and create jobs, visit http://www.asmdc.org/issues/budget/.

Website of Speaker John A. Pérez: http://www.asmdc.org/speaker

CONTACT: Shannon Murphy (916) 319-2408

Below are links to audio from today's event.

Speaker John A. Pérez's opening remarks at today's news conference. (1:44) mp3

Speaker Pérez says the California Jobs Budget protects funding for child care providers. (:17) mp3

Speaker Pérez says he remains committed to an open budget process and to the ideal of ending up with a good budget.(:24) mp3

Speaker Pérez says delaying the budget over issues unrelated to the state budget would be bad for the state and the economy. (:20) mp3

Child care provider from the Los Angeles area Tonia McMillian says cutting child care funds does not make any sense to her. (:13) mp3

Child care provider from the Los Angeles area Tonia McMillian says cutting funds for child care is a short sighted mistake. (:05) mp3

Assembly Budget Committee Chair Bob Blumenfield says the California Jobs Budget from Assembly Democrats is all about jobs. (:08) mp3

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