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LOS ANGELES – Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) and Assembly Education Chair Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica) were joined by Los Angeles Unified School District Board President Monica Garcia, California Teachers Association President David A. Sanchez and California Parent Teachers Association Vice President Suzan Solomon today to announce that over 35,000 education jobs will be saved as part of the effort to save and create hundreds of thousands of jobs and close the budget deficit under the Assembly Democrats’ California Jobs Budget proposal.

“Our long term growth directly depends on having an exceptionally well-educated work force,” Pérez said. “More than 35,000 education jobs are threatened by layoffs right now—including 26,000 teachers. The California Jobs Budget protects those jobs by fully funding education and repaying local school districts.”

“School districts in California are closing schools, shortening the school year, shutting down libraries, eliminating arts classes and team sports, and delaying the purchase of new textbooks all because of $6 billion in cuts to education spending,” Brownley said. “Thousands of school employees are being laid off. How many more sacrifices are we willing to make to our children’s future? The Assembly’s budget plan will stop this massacre before it turns our children’s dreams to nightmares.”

“LAUSD is facing devastating budget cuts and layoffs of thousands of hardworking counselors, teachers, nurses, clerical workers, and maintenance workers.  Our schools will suffer, and our students will pay the price,” said Garcia. “I want to thank Speaker Pérez and his colleagues in the Assembly for facing down this crisis with a sound plan that saves jobs, protects the classroom, and reinvests in our kids, our economy, and our future.”

By securing $54 billion for California schools, the California Jobs Budget provides the funding Californians guaranteed for schools when they passed Proposition 98 in 1988.  A recent poll by the Public Policy Institute of California shows Californians continue to support education, with over two-thirds wanting new revenues to spare K-12 education from budget cuts.

The California Jobs Budget makes a $3.8 Billion repayment to local school districts.  The plan protects tens of thousands of jobs for teachers, aides, and counselors by fully funding Proposition 98 and eliminating portions of the “Education Credit Card” rather than accept the Governor's proposal to cut schools by $2.8 billion, which leads to thousands of lost jobs.

The California Jobs Budget fully funds education and saves or creates more than 465,000 jobs through instituting the same type of oil severance fee that every other state applies to companies that extract oil.

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