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SACRAMENTO - Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) has confirmed the Brown Administration will maintain funding for Stage 3 Child Care through administrative action until the new budget is in place April 1. The Department of Finance will implement the plan next week, and the funding for all Stage 3 Child Care will flow shortly thereafter.

"This is excellent news for the thousands of parents, providers and children who will continue to receive safe, quality child care," Pérez said. "I want to thank Governor Brown, Superintendent Torlakson and First Five Commissions all over California for working closely with the Assembly to keep these parents working."

The work of the Assembly, the Brown Administration and California's local First Five commissions will keep thousands of working parents in California receiving the child care services that allow them to stay in their jobs and keep their families off welfare.

"This is a program that keeps people working," added Pérez. "The folks who use Stage 3 are people who have worked hard to get off welfare. They are the success stories, and I'm pleased we were able to find a solution that keeps their kids safe and keeps the parents working."

In January, Pérez announced that Governor Brown included Stage 3 Child Care funding in his proposed budget effective April 1, but that the Brown Administration was still working to find funding for the program until the new budget is approved. The gap will now be filled with previously appropriated funds that would otherwise not be spent this fiscal year.

Saving Stage 3 Child Care has been a top priority for Pérez since Governor Schwarzenegger eliminated all funding for the program - stripping over 60,000 working families of necessary child care, closing small business providers and throwing tens of thousands of child care workers into unemployment. Speaker Pérez maintained the program through December by cobbling together more than $40 million in bridge funding - including $6 million from cuts Speaker Pérez made to the Assembly's own budget and additional funding he sought from the county First 5 commissions, and successfully lobbied Governor Brown to restore the program in the new budget. Today's news provides the final piece by providing funding until the new budget is approved.

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