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Sacramento - Speaker John A. Pérez spoke to thousands of students and higher education supporters at the Fund Our Future rally at the State Capitol, commending students for their leadership and highlighting the Middle Class Scholarship Act ( The act, authored by Speaker Pérez, would cut state college fees by two-thirds and give community colleges $150 million to increase affordability by closing a billion-dollar tax loophole that benefits out-of-state companies. Speaker Pérez told the huge crowd, "California made a promise, that every single person who worked hard in high school would have the opportunity to go to and make the most of their potential at a UC, CSU or Community College. That promise is not being kept when community colleges across California have drastic cutbacks, layoffs and fee hikes that force students out of the system. And that promise is not being kept when student fees have risen more than 100 percent at the UC and CSU." Here's more from the Speaker addressing the rally in this Assembly Access video.