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(SACRAMENTO, CA)— Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), chair of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance issued the following statement calling on UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi’s resignation and announcing legislative hearings:

“UC Davis Chancellor Katehi’s rationale for serving on the DeVry Education Group Board has left me unsatisfied, and contradicts her job to run a public university and educate our students. The subsequent revelation of another sweetheart deal with textbook publishers earned her an additional $420,000 from 2012-2014 has driven my level of dissatisfaction even higher.

Chancellor Katehi receives a taxpayer-funded salary of $424,360 per year. It is unseemly for the Chancellor to be moonlighting side deals to fatten her bank account, especially when it runs contrary to the interests of our students that are strapped with decades of student debt to pay for the high costs of textbooks and other education expenses.

Therefore, I am calling for the resignation of Chancellor Katehi and announcing legislative oversight hearings to look into this matter at the UC system and the other segments of higher education.”

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