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New Reports Underscore Need for Legislative Action on Groundwater Management

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Dickinson’s Bill (A.B. 1739) Addresses Groundwater Sustainability

Sacramento, CA— Assemblymember Roger Dickinson issued the following statement about the studies released on groundwater, public attitudes, and California’s drought:

“The UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences study, California Water Foundation report, and Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates and Public Opinion Strategies report released this week underscore the immediate necessity of taking legislative action that will manage groundwater on a sustainable basis. Groundwater is the source for approximately 40 percent of the state's water demands in an average year and up to 60 percent or more during droughts, such as the drought California is currently experiencing. Despite the critical role groundwater plays in water supply for Californians, our state is the only state without comprehensive statewide groundwater management programs. I will continue to work with all stakeholders and my colleagues to achieve legislative solutions regarding our need to ensure the wise use of our groundwater resources in the future.”



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