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Current Assembly Committee Assignments

Chair, Committee on Education

Primary jurisdictions are K-12 education, certificated employees of schools, school finance, and school facilities.

Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review

Primary jurisdictions are identifying savings and efficiencies in the management of state government, reviewing and studying the implementation, operation, and effectiveness of state programs and agencies.

Committee on Transportation

Primary jurisdictions are Transit Authority, California Highway Patrol, vehicles, aircraft, and vessels; operation, licensing and registration, and drivers licenses.

Committee on Utilities and Commerce

Primary jurisdictions are public utilities; the California Public Utilities Commission; the California Energy Commission; the California Independent System Operator; Electricity Oversite Board; energy companies; common carriers; electricity; alternative energy development and conservation; natural gas; wireless, wireline and cable communications; international trade; Women and Minority Business Enterprises; and tourism.

Other Committees, Commissions, Boards

Vice Chair, State Allocation Board

The State Allocation Board membership is comprised of the Director of Finance (the traditional chair), the Director of the Department of General Services, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, three members of the Senate, three members of the Assembly, and one appointee by the Governor. The SAB meets monthly to apportion funds to the school districts, act on appeals, and adopt policies and regulations and administers the $35 billion voter-approved school facilities construction program.

Chair, Select Committee on Government Efficiency, Technology and Innovation

Advisory Commission on Special Education

The Advisory Committee on Special Education provides recommendations and advice to the State Board of Education, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Legislature, and the Governor in new or continuing areas of research, program development and evaluation in California special education.

Judicial Council Court Technology Advisory Committee

The Judicial Council Court Technology Advisory Committee promotes, coordinates, and facilitates the application of technology to the work of the courts. The committee establishes standards to ensure technological compatibility; facilitates court technology projects funded in whole or in part by the state; proposes rules, standards, or legislation to ensure privacy, access, and security; and assists courts in acquiring and developing useful technology systems.

Past Assignments

Budget Committee

Chair, Budget Subcommittee No.4 on State Administration

Budget Subcommittee No.6 on Budget Process, Oversight & Program Evaluation

Legislative Committees

Policy committees are standing committees established in the rules adopted by each house; their membership usually changes after each election. Some establish subcommittees to facilitate their work. Each committee is assigned bills in its subject area to hear, study, and vote on.

Fiscal committees are standing committees that handle the annual state budget and all other bills with either a direct or an implied cost to the state. Bills with fiscal implications, often the most important bills, are referred to fiscal committees from policy committees.

During the Legislative session, standing committees meet regularly.  They may also meet between legislative sessions for information gathering purposes, but may not take official actions.

Other Types of Committees

Special or select committees may be set up by either house to research a comparatively limited subject.

Joint committees include members of both houses, appointed by the speaker in the Assembly and by the rules committee in the Senate. Such committees can conduct investigations, hold hearings, and recommend legislation.

Conference committees may be set up to resolve differences in the Assembly and Senate versions of bills and are composed of three members of each house that are chosen by the Assembly speaker and the Senate Rules Committee.

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