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AB 155: Salinas River Flood Control
This bill grants the Monterey County Water Resource Agency the authority to create a comprehensive long-term plan for the management of flooding along the Salinas River for purposes of preserving the integrity of the surrounding farmland and protecting public health.

AB 1585: Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking
This bill helps victims of human trafficking recover from a painful past by providing them an opportunity to start with a clean conviction record.

AB 1609: Enforcement of Interstate Gun Trafficking Laws
This bill addresses illegal interstate gun trafficking by authorizing the California Attorney General to prosecute individuals who illegally purchase firearms out-of-state and transport them into California.

AB 1630: Salinas Valley Clean Water
This bill authorizes the California State Legislature to appropriate $2 million to the State Water Resources Control Board in order to develop an integrated water quality and wastewater treatment program plan for disadvantaged communities in the Salinas Valley.

AB 1645: Tax Reduction for Small Business
This bill exempts businesses from paying the state's Minimum Franchise Tax for the first two taxable years of net income in order to help encourage job creation and entrepreneurship.

AB 1660: AB 60 Technical Clean-up
This bill makes technical changes and clarifies that the anti-discrimination provisions of the Safe and Responsible Drivers Act (AB 60) apply to individuals in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, this bill clarifies that state law is not meant to usurp federal law requirements.

AB 1708: Jury Duty Exemption
This bill exempts probation, parole and correctional officers from jury duty in civil and criminal matters in order to maximize realignment resources and improve critical public safety services. This bill is sponsored by the Chief Probation Officers of California and the State Coalition of Probation Organizations.

AB 1746: Ensuring Access to Workers' Compensation
This bill directs the Administrative Director of the Division of Workers' Compensation to place cases in which there is a worker with an illegally uninsured employer on the priority conference calendar in order to provide greater access to workers' compensation benefits. This bill is a reintroduction of the winning submission from last year's Ought to be a Law contest.

AB 1750: K-12 Ethnic Studies
This bill requires the State Department of Education to commission a report that identifies model programs, standards and curricula pertaining to ethnic studies at the high school level.

AB 1795: Filling Council Vacancies
This bill ensures a community's proper representation during an appointment process on a city council by clarifying when a vacancy occurs and specifying that a resigning city councilmember may vote in the appointment of his or her replacement. The provisions of this bill will not apply to cities whose charter addresses this issue.

AB 1870: Apprenticeship Programs
This bill addresses the unequal distribution of grant funds by mandating that funding be divided equitably between all approved multiemployer apprenticeship programs serving the same craft or trade. This bill is sponsored by the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California.

AB 1905: Agricultural Permit Streamlining
This bill will streamline the water rights permitting process for small agricultural water ponds with multiple uses in order to develop economically viable and ecologically sustainable water supplies for farmers. This bill is sponsored by the California Farm Bureau.

AB 2280: Community Revitalization Investment Authority
This bill allows the creation of new entities called Community Revitalization Investment Authorities. These new authorities would be allowed to invest property tax increments of consenting local agencies (excluding schools) and other available funding in order to improve conditions of blighted areas and encourage economic development.

AB 2737: Community-Based Safe Drinking Water Projects
This bill addresses the immediate needs of small, disadvantaged communities with drinking water contamination by enabling community-based non-profit organizations to assist in providing immediate access to clean drinking water.

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