2013-2014 Legislative Agenda

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AB 1x1 (Speaker Perez; Coauthored by Alejo) - Medi-Cal Expansion
Enacts statutory changes necessary to implement the coverage expansion, eligibility, simplified enrollment and retention provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (collectively referred to as the Affordable Care Act or ACA) related to the Medicaid Program (Medi-Cal in California) and the California Children's Health Insurance Program.

AB 1 - Salinas Valley Clean Water Funding
AB 1 appropriates $2 million to the State Water Resources Control Board from fines and penalties from the Waste Discharge Permit Fund. The money shall then be allocated to the Greater Monterey County Regional Water Management for the development of an integrated water quality and wastewater treatment program plan for disadvantaged communities in the Salinas Valley.

AB 4  (Ammiano; Alejo Principal Coauthor) - Trust Act
This bill would prohibit a law enforcement official from detaining an individual on the basis of a United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold after that individual becomes eligible for release from criminal custody, unless, at the time that the individual becomes eligible for release from criminal custody, certain conditions are met.

AB 10 - Adjusting the Minimum Wage
AB 10 addresses our historic income gap by adjusting the state minimum wage. Specifically, in 2014 the hourly minimum wage will increase 25 cents per hour to $8.25, which is $2.00 a day for a standard 8-hour work day. In 2015, the minimum wage will increase to $8.75. In 2016, the minimum wage will increase to $9.25. And in 2017, the minimum wage would be adjusted the state minimum wage on an annual basis according to the rate of inflation. In years of negative inflation, the minimum wage would remain the same.

AB 16 (Speaker Perez; Coauthored by Alejo) - Domestic Violence
This bill would expand the scope of a domestic violence crime by including the fiancé or fiancée of the victim or  someone with whom the victim has, or previously had, a dating or engagement relationship.

AB 17 (Hueso; Coauthored by Alejo) - Enhanced Driver’s Licenses
This bill would authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles to enter into a memorandum of understanding with a federal agency for the purpose of facilitating travels within the western hemisphere pursuant to the federal Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. This will be achieved through the issuance of an enhanced driver’s license, instruction permit, provisional license, or identification card.

AB 21 - Small Community Safe Drinking Water Grant Fund
This bill would establish the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Small Community Grant Fund, or "Small Community Safe Drinking Water Grant Fund," to provide immediate aid to disadvantaged communities that lack access to a safe source of drinking water. The program will provide an estimated $50 million for grants to disadvantaged communities for use for safe drinking water projects.

AB 28 (Manuel Perez; Coauthored by Alejo) - CA Economic and Community Development Zone Act
AB 28 proposes to make the California Enterprise Zone Program more effective by reducing its size and cost and by strenthening mechanisms that enhance transparency and accountability.

AB 34 (Hernández; Coauthored by Alejo) - Recognizing La Paz as a State Historic Landmark
This bill establishes Nuestra Señora Reina de La Paz (La Paz) in Kern County as a state historical landmark and prioritizes outreach and education regarding, and state recognition of, historical resources associated with modern history and social movements.

AB 48 (Skinner; Coauthored by Alejo)- Related to Ammunition
The bill would require California residents to produce identification when purchasing ammunition.  AB 48 also requires dealers selling ammunition to be licensed in the state, and prohibits the sale of kits that help convert conventional firearms into semi-automatic weapons. The bill would exempt an individual who sells, transfers, or furnishes ammunition to certain specified law enforcement individuals.

AB 52 (Gatto; Alejo Principal Coauthor)- CEQA Protection for Tribal Sacred Sights
Provides a process for a Native American tribe to engage in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review process to avoid significant effects on tribal cultural resources.

AB 60 - The Safe and Responsible Driver Act
AB 60 allows the use of a federal individual taxpayer identification number or other identifier number deemed appropriate by the State Department of Motor Vehicles when applying for a driver’s license. This bill will improve traffic safety as it will ensure that people eligible to apply for a driver’s license will be properly trained, will have to pass the driving test, know our state driving laws, and be insured.

AB 65 (Achadjian/Lowenthal; Coauthored by Alejo) - Justice for Rape Victims
The bill is a response to an overturn of an initially rape conviction by the State Court of Appeals, where the Court pointed to an outdated provision in state law in ruling that a person who impersonates someone is guilty of rape only if the victim was married and the person they were pretending to be was their spouse.  This bill closes this  outdated loophole in state law by expanding the definition of rape to include cases where a perpetrator deceives a victim into sexual activity by impersonating the person’s boyfriend or girlfriend- not just a spouse.

AB 114 (Salas/Manuel Perez; Coauthored by Alejo)- Green Energy Job Training and Workforce Development Act
Establishes the Clean Energy Jobs and Workforce Development Program within the Labor Agency and allocates 9.6% of the funds allocated by the Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop 39) to clean energy projects.

AB 115 (Perea; Coauthored by Alejo) - Regionalization of Small Water Systems
This bill expands the eligibility for grants and loans from the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund administered by the Department of Public Health (DPH) by allowing consolidated applications.   Specifically, this bill permits multiple water systems to apply for funding in a single application and allows a single agency to apply for funds to treat water systems outside of their jurisdiction.

AB 118 - Drinking Water Regulation Streamlining
The purpose of this bill is to provide safer water faster. It authorizes the California Department of Public Health, when implementing the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, to adopt interim regulations and take other actions to expedite the process of providing funds for drinking water projects, especially to severely disadvantaged communities.

AB 119 - Water Treatment Devices Certification
Health-conscious Californians have responded to reports of harmful contaminants in water by turning to bottled water or home water treatment units. AB 119 streamlines the state approval process for in-home water treatment devises. Removing duplicative regulations by the State Department of Public Health (CDPH) will decrease the cost to consumers and increase access to the most current water treatment.

AB 120 - School Site Clean-up
Leaking underground fuel storage tanks pose a threat to public health and safety. AB 120 provides school districts with increased access to funding to clean up underground storage tanks through the School District Account (SDA). The SDA reimburses school districts for remedial expenses associated with leaking underground fuel tanks that are or were owned or operated by school districts.

AB 130 - Hospital District CEO Pension Reform
This bill would prohibit a healthcare district from paying retirement benefits to its chief executive officer (CEO) while he or she is still employed. The provisions of this bill would apply to CEOs that are hired or renew their contracts starting on January 1, 2014.
A recent State audit of the Salinas Valley Memorial Health Care System highlighted the fact that in 2009 the former CEO received a $2.1million gross payment from a supplemental retirement plan and $917,000 was rolled into a personal individual retirement account while he continued working for another two years with an annual salary of $668,000.

AB 145 (Perea/Rendon; Alejo Principal Coauthor)- State Water Resources Control Boards: Drinking Water
Over 2 million Californians still do not have access to safe drinking water.  This bill transfers the Drinking Water Program at the Department of Public Health, including the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, to the State Water Resources Control Board in order to consolidate water quality programs and deliver services more effectively.

AB 155 - Employee Rights to Salary Records
Employees have a right to salary records under current law. This bill reaffirms that right of employees to have access to a copy of their records. The bill clarifies that when an employee asks for copies of their records, the employer must provide those copies.

AB 160 - Transit Union Pension Plans
Last year’s pension reform bill is in conflict with two aspects of federal law: The Federal Transit Act and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. This bill will secure over $1 billion in annual federal funding, as well as save the state from millions of dollars in liabilities, by restoring the collective bargaining rights of transit union employees and aligning last year’s pension reform bill with federal law.

AB 182 (Buchanan/Hueso; Alejo Principal Coauthor) - Reforming Capitol Appreciation Bonds
Many school and community college districts have resorted to a type of borrowing that delays repayment at enormous long-term expense to taxpayers. This bill establishes  new conditions and disclosure requirements to be met when a district issues general obligation bonds or capital appreciation bonds, and eliminates the ability of school districts to issue bonds under Government Code provisions.

AB 280 - School Superintendent Severance Cap
This bill reduces the size of the severance pay a district superintendent can receive when his or her contracted is terminated from 18 months to 3 months. This bill will also be amended to include a provision that will limit the amount a superintendent may receive for a paid leave of absence.

AB 287 (Frazier; Coauthored by Alejo) - California Vietnam Veterans MemorialThis bill requires the California Department of Veterans Affairs to annually compile and update a list of names of Vietnam veterans to be added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the Capitol grounds.

AB 290 - Foundations for Nutrition in Child Care
AB 290 amends child care licensing laws to require all incoming childcare providers to take one hour of early childhood nutrition as a part of the licensing process. Nationally, obesity among preschoolers has tripled in the past 30 years. In California, nearly 25% of children under the age of five are overweight or obese. These children have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases which contribute to escalating health care costs and negatively impact quality of life.

AB 310 - Gang Prevention Act of 2013
The Gang Prevention Act of 2013 will appropriate $3 million to the Department of Justice to administer the existing California Gang, Crime, and Violence Prevention Partnership Program. The program would allocate funding to community organizations to provide gang and crime prevention services and activities in communities with high incidence of violent crime, including but not limited to city of Salinas and South Monterey County.

AB 325 - Housing Element
AB 325 restores a 25 year-old component of the Housing Element law that ensures citizens can hold a local government accountable for deficiencies in its housing plan. Under the bill, citizens would have a three-year window to file notice if the plan does not comply with development standards set forth by law. AB 325 is a reintroduction of AB 1220 (2011) and is necessary to correct a flawed court ruling that held that the adoption of the local housing plan by a legislative body can only be challenged by citizens for 90 days from the date of adoption.

AB 420 (Dickinson; Coauthored by Alejo) - Legislation to Curb Excessive Student Suspensions
This bill would limit that authority of a superintendent of a school district and a principal by only allowing a pupil enrolled in any of grades 9 to 12, inclusive, to be suspended, but not expelled, for willful defiance on or after the 3rd documented offense in a school year, provided other specified correction measures were attempted and documented before the recommendation to suspend. The bill also would state the intent of the Legislature to minimize the excessive use of willful defiance and encourage schools to instead prioritize and use alternative means of correction.

AB 468 (Chesbro; Coauthored by Alejo) - Disaster Management, Preparedness & Assistance Fund
This bill would repeal the fire prevention fee. The bill would create the Disaster Management, Preparedness, and Assistance Fund in the State Treasury. The bill would require insureds to pay a special purpose surcharge, the Disaster Management, Preparedness, and Assistance Surcharge, on each commercial and residential fire and multiperil insurance policy issued or renewed on or after January 1, 2014, equivalent to 4.8% of the premium written on residential fire and multiperil insurance or the property exposure for commercial policies in California.

AB 524 (Mullin; Coauthored by Alejo) - Extortion Based on Immigration Status
Strengthens human rights protections for immigrants by explicitly defining extortion to include threats to report a person's immigration status.

AB 551 (Ting; Coauthored by Alejo) - Urban Ag Incentive Zone
Allows a county or a city and county to establish by ordinance an Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone for the purpose of supporting urban agriculture.

AB 624 (Mitchell; Coauthored by Alejo) - County Inmates: Educational Credits
This bill allows county sheriffs to award prisoner program credit reductions for the successful completion of specific rehabilitative programing, such as earning a degree or completing other educational based programs.

AB 638 - Ensuring Access to Workers Compensation Protections: Ought to be a Law
AB 638 will ensure that injured workers’ receive necessary medical treatment and benefits when their employers are illegally uninsured. A significant number of low wage injured workers who cannot afford an attorney have illegally uninsured employers. As a result, they are unable to receive necessary medical treatment and benefits in a timely manner. This bill will ensure that these injured workers’ claims are heard in a fair and timely manner by adding them to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board’s priority conference calendar.

AB 665 - Adjusting CRV Reporting and Payments
AB 665 amends the Public Resource Code to require the redemption payment for every beverage container (other than a refillable beverage container) sold or transferred to a dealer, less 1.5 percent for the distributor’s administrative costs, to be made no later than 60 days following the sale. The remittance of CRV payments within 30 days of sale results in distributors paying CRV to the Department of Conservation, frequently before distributors receive payment from their retail customers. These accelerated CRV payments create a cash flow problem for distributors in meeting their other operating costs and place a hardship on independent small business people who employ almost 12,000 full-time employees.

AB 711 (Rendon; Alejo Principal Coauthor) - Ammunition
This bill would expand the requirement to use nonleaded ammunition to all hunting within the state to preserve and maintain healthy wildlife. The commission would be required to develop regulations by July 1, 2015 that phase in this requirement completely by January 1, 2018.

AB 740 - Preventing Imminent Gun Violence
AB 740 will allow a law enforcement officer to seek a warrant from the courts to seize a firearm from an individual who the officer believes poses a serious threat of harm to himself/herself or others. Within 14 days after the warrant has been executed, a hearing will be held as to whether the firearm should be returned to the individual or retained by law enforcement. At the 14-day hearing, the state shall have the burden of proving all material facts by clear and convincing evidence.

AB 795 - Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking
Sealing of record for solicitation or prostitution for victims of human trafficking. Even though victims are unwilling participants in the act of prostitution, they are often charged with, and convicted of, prostitution. Having a conviction on one’s record makes it difficult for a trafficking victim to fully reintegrate into society. And, even if the conviction is expunged, a victim’s criminal record may be discovered through background checks, may be used against them in subsequent civil or criminal matters, and prevent them from holding public office and employment.

AB 900 - Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rates
AB 900 eliminates pending cuts to Medi-Cal reimbursements for hospital-based nursing facilities also known as Distinct Part/Skilled Nursing Facilities (DP/SNFs). In addition, this bill stops recoupment of Medi-Cal reimbursements retroactive to June 1, 2011. This bill prevents Medi-Cal rate reductions for DP/SNFs that if implemented will have devastating consequences for patients, communities, and will limit access to essential medical care.

AB 946 (Stone; Coauthored by Alejo) - Transit Buses: Counties of Monterey and Santa Cruz
This bill allows the Monterey-Salinas Transit District and the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District to conduct programs for allowing transit buses to use the shoulders of certain highways, subject to the approval of the Department of Transportation and the California Highway Patrol.

AB 1005 - Adding Diversity to the California Bench

This bill adds veterans and the disabled to the recognized groups that add diversity to the California bench and for which statistics should be kept.

AB 1006 (Yamada; Coauthored by Alejo) - Juvinille Court Records
Standardizes the process by which youth are informed of their right to petition the courts to seal their juvenile records and ensures that they are provided with a form to initiate the process.

AB 1080 - Community Revitalization Investment Authority
AB 1080 allows certain “disadvantaged” areas of California to create a new entity called a Community Revitalization Investment Authority (CRIA). A CRIA would invest property tax increment of consenting local agencies (other than schools) and other available funding to improve conditions leading to increased employment opportunities, to reduce high crime rates, to repair deteriorating and inadequate infrastructure, to clean up brownfields and to promote affordable housing.

AB 1194 (Ammiano/Manuel Perez; Coauthored by Alejo) - Safe Routes to School Fund
Guarantees the current Safe Routes To School funding of $46,000,00 per year  for construction and noninfrastructure activities, as specified.

AB 1195 (Eggman; Coauthored by Alejo) - Disclosure of Public Records for Crime Victims
This bill would prohibit a state or local law enforcement agency from requiring a victim of an incident, or the victim’s authorized representative, to show proof of the victim’s legal presence in this country in order to obtain the information required to be disclosed by that law enforcement agency, as specified. For identification purposes, the bill would authorize a state or local law enforcement agency to accept various forms of identification in order for a victim of an incident, or the victim’s authorized representative, to obtain that information.

SB 8 (Yee/Anderson; Coauthored by Alejo) - California State Universities Executive Compensation
This bill would prohibit the trustees from increasing the monetary compensation or approving a monetary bonus for, any executive officer. The bill would prohibit the trustees from, and request the regents to refrain from, providing monetary compensation to an incoming executive officer that exceeds 105% of the monetary compensation of the immediately preceding executive officer of the same classification who the incoming executive officer is replacing.

SB 130 (Corbett/Anderson; Coauthored by Alejo) - Court Room Support for Child and Disabled Victims/Witnesses of Violent Crimes
This bill will ensure child and disabled victims of violent crimes, such as kidnapping with the intent to commit robbery or sex offenses involving a minor younger than 10 years of age, criminal threats and stalking, who will be prosecuting witnesses may have a support person present while testifying for the prosecution.

SB 150 (Lara; Coauthored by Alejo) - Equal Action to Higher Education
This bill exempts certain nonresident students who live and attend high school in California from paying nonresident tuition.

SB 309 (Price; Coauthored by Alejo) - State Athletic Committee
Extends the operation of the California State Athletic Commission until 2016.   Makes various changes to the laws governing the Commission’s operations and the Commission’s oversight of professional and amateur boxing, professional and amateur kickboxing, all forms and combinations of full contact martial arts contests, including mixed martial arts (MMA) and matches or exhibitions conducted, held or given in California.

SB 313 (De León; Coauthored by Alejo) - Public Safety Officers Bill of Rights
This bill prohibits a public agency from taking punitive action, or denying promotion on grounds other than merit, against a public safety officer, because the officer’s name was placed on a Brady list, and prohibits the introduction of any evidence in an administrative appeal of a punitive action that the officer’s name was placed on a Brady list, except as provided.

SB 376 (Correa; Principal Coauthored by Alejo) - Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Manufacturing Equipment
Would establish a sales and use tax (SUT) exemption for qualified businesses engaged in manufacturing, research and development, and construction for purchases of qualified tangible personal property from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2022.

SB 741 (Cannella; Coauthored by Alejo) - The California Fairs Sustainability Act
Consolidates the Satellite Wagering Account and the Fair and Exposition Fund into one.  Provides that District Agricultural Associations have title and control of the personal property of the fair.  Repeals several obsolete sections of law and makes technical conforming amendments to other sections.

SB 755 (Wolk; Alejo Principal Coauthor) - Expands the 10 year fire arm prohibition
Adds specified offenses to the list of misdemeanors  that result in a 10-year prohibition on firearms possession, and  adds certain misdemeanors related to substance abuse for which a violation of two or more within a three-year period will result in a 10-year prohibition on firearms possession.  Further specifies that persons convicted of possessing a firearm while having two misdemeanor substance abuse convictions may be sentenced up to three years in state prison.

AJR 3 - Immigration Reform Resolution
This measure urges the President of the United States and members of Congress to take a comprehensive and workable approach to improving the nation’s immigration system.

AJR 15 - Defending Voter Equality
This measure urges the Supreme Court of the United States to uphold the constitutionality of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which ensures that state and local election practices in affected jurisdictions are just and fair.

ACR 35 - California Native American Heritage Month
This measure recognizes every September as California Native American Heritage Month in honor of their outstanding contributions to the state of California.

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ACR 36 (Atkins; Coauthored by Alejo) - Establishes Veterans Treatment Courts
This measure would encourage all superior courts to consider establishing veterans treatment courts or veterans treatment review calendars to assist troubled veterans who have service-related mental health issues.

SCR 26 (Correa; Principal Coauthored by Alejo) - Urges the Olympic committee to reverse its decision to eliminate wrestling as a sport
Proclaims that the California Legislature urges the International Olympic Committee to continue to include wrestling as as a core sport of the Olympic Games.

SCR 30 (Jackson; Coauthored by Alejo) - Equal Pay Day in California
This resolution urges Californians to recognize the full value of women’s skills and significant contributions to the labor force, and that businesses are encouraged to conduct an internal pay evaluation to ensure women are being paid fairly, and declares April 9, 2013, as Equal Pay Day.

SCR 35 (Cannella; Coauthored by Alejo) - Highway 25 Name Designation
This resolution designates the segment of SR 25 in San Benito County from the southern county border with Monterey County to Sunnyslope Road in Hollister, and the segment from San Felipe Road in Hollister to the northern county border with Santa Clara County as the Pinnacles National Park Highway.

SCR 50 (Hueso; Coauthored by Alejo) - Drop Out Recovery Week
This measure would declare the week of August 4, 2013, through August 10, 2013, to be Dropout Recovery Week. States the Legislature’s intent to encourage the support of dropout recovery high schools with creative teaching strategies, alternative assessments, and adequate resources.

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