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Assemblyman Steve Fox’s Statement Regarding the Conditional Release of Christopher Evans Hubbart

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(SACRAMENTO)- Assemblymember Steve Fox (D-Palmdale) today made the following statement before Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Gilbert Brown to oppose the conditional release of Christopher Evans Hubbart to Lake Los Angeles.

Remarks as prepared.

Your honor,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

One of the negative consequences of the passage of Jessica’s Law (Proposition 83) is the concentration of registered sex offenders in rural and suburban areas due to their geographical distance from schools and other areas where children congregate.  Lake Los Angeles has many areas that provide Megan’s Law registrants with housing options that meet the criteria of being 2,000 feet away from schools, parks, and school bus stops.

However, geographical attributes are not the only consideration used when courts choose to place a sexually violent predator into a community.  The community of Lake Los Angeles is isolated, impoverished, and lacks the police and medical services that would create a secure environment for other residents.

The unincorporated community of Lake Los Angeles is a bedroom community located 17 miles to the east of the City of Palmdale in Los Angeles County.  The 9.74 square mile community lacks infrastructure such as street lighting, paved roads, and a sanitary sewer system.  The population of approximately 13,000 people is served by two deputy sheriffs during the day only.

Lake Los Angeles is one of the poorest communities in my Assembly District.  According to the 2010 United States Census, 27.1% of the population of Lake Los Angeles lived below the federal poverty line.  The residents of this tiny community are represented by a rural town council and have little political influence in surrounding areas.

Lake Los Angeles now has been targeted twice as the recipient of one of the most prolific and dangerous sexual predators in California’s history.

Each time that Mr. Hubbart has been released from custody, he has raped or attempted to rape women in his community.  While no community would want to accept a person who admits that he raped 70 women, other communities provide a more adequate police presence.  Women in the community of Lake Los Angeles are alarmed that this parolee would be placed in a home three miles away from the Sheriff’s substation at the end of a dirt road, accessed only by another dirt road.  Mr. Hubbart would present a clear and present danger to his neighbors, and would be an instant target for vigilantes.

Mr. Hubbart’s case is well known throughout the community and the address has been publicized repeatedly on local news and radio outlets.  It is unlikely that this will stop anytime soon and will probably escalate.

If Mr. Hubbart must be released, I beseech you that this time you also pardon the community of Lake Los Angeles.  Excuse this tiny, underprivileged place from being forced to accept a parolee which they cannot satisfactorily monitor.  Protect the frightened ladies of Lake Los Angeles from the unthinkable crimes that will inevitably occur if this person is released to a house on a street with no lights at the end of a dirt road next door to the home of a woman who already has survived such a crime.

Thank you for your consideration.

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