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Fox's Bill on Sexual Violent Predators Cleared by Public Safety Committee

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(SACRAMENTO)- Assemblymember Steve Fox (D-Palmdale) today announced that his Assembly Bill (AB) 1607 received unanimous bipartisan support from the Assembly Public Safety Committee.  The bill revises the Sexual Violent Predator (SVP) Act to make the process of conditional release of these offenders more transparent and allow input from the areas most affected by their release.

“Courts have been allowed to make unilateral decisions about placing high risk parolees into other counties without including those communities in the conditional release process,” said Fox. “This bill will allow local courts and communities to retain control of sexual violent predators.”

AB 1607 is a technical revision to the Sexual Violent Predator Act and requires that a potential county of domicile for a sexual violent predator (county where the SVP is allegedly from and may be released back to) be given notice and an opportunity to be heard in court prior to determining the location where the SVP will be required to live.  Once the court determines domicile, the placement and conditional release will be supervised by the county of domicile – transferring the jurisdiction from one court to another.

This bill is in response to the case of Christopher Evans Hubbart, the so-called “Pillowcase Rapist” who was treated in Santa Clara County.  Santa Clara was not required to inform Los Angeles County of the potential to conditionally release Hubbart in Lake Los Angeles until determining placement.  AB 1607 should simplify this process and allow the areas most affected by a conditional release to have a say in the process.

AB 1607 now moves to the Assembly Floor for consideration as early as next week. 

More information is available at


Assemblymember Fox presents AB 1607 to the Assembly Public Safety Committee. (1:53)

Assemblymember Fox says this is a common sense approach to a problem that needs to be addressed. (:22)

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