2012 Legislation

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Budget and Fiscal Reform

AB 1184 - Preventing Pension Abuse
Implements two significant pension reforms: (1) caps exorbitant pensions; and (2) protects the taxpayers in well-run cities from having to pay the pension costs resulting from exorbitant salaries offered by other cities.

AB 2540 - Tax Relief for Small Businesses
Provides small-business tax relief (a $10,000 deduction) and stabilizes our state's tax revenues by broadening the tax base to include things like yacht repair, tarot card reading, and private-jet flight.

Government Reform

ACA 10 - The Constitution Protection Act
Requires constitutional amendments to pass by a margin of 55%, but preserves the ability to repeal existing constitutional provisions by the rules in place at the time of their passage. It also requires signatures for constitutional amendments to be collected evenly around the state so that no one area can dominate the process. California's Constitution has been abused by special interests, amended 521 times in just over 100 years.

AB 2220 - Initiatives: Financial Disclosure
Requires disclosure to voters in the voter pamphlet when a ballot initiative seeks to irrevocably dedicate our taxpayer dollars to one program forever.

ACA 12 - Initiatives: Amending Before Passage
Allows the Legislature to propose germane amendments to a proposed ballot initiative so that proponents can correct errors before a vote occurs.

AB 1648 - The DISCLOSE Act (Principal Co-Author)
Brings greater transparency to the electoral process by requiring campaigns to disclose the top three financial backers in their political advertisements.

AJR 32 - Initiating an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (Joint Author)
Stops the influence of "Super-PACs" (i.e., unlimited and often hidden corporate money) in political campaigns by beginning the process to amend the United States Constitution to nullify the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Environment and Conservation

AB 1900 - Creating In-State Biogas Jobs
Allows California producers of biogas (a clean, renewable natural gas), whether big landfills or small farmers, to sell it to utilities in the state, as long as it is demonstrably clean, pure, and safe. It would also prevent utilities from having to raise rates by expressly allowing them to fulfill their pre-existing contracts to buy biogas.

AB 2011 - State Water Revolving Fund for Efficiency Upgrades
Increases statewide water conservation by establishing a self-sustaining, statewide revolving fund to finance water-efficiency upgrades to property owners.

AB 2230 - Statewide Water Conservation
Requires new car washes, some of the state's highest volume water users, to use 60% recycled water by 2014.

AB 1589 - The California State Parks Stewardship Act of 2012 (Principal Co-Author)
Prevents the closure of California State Parks by creating new revenue streams to keep existing parks open and placing a cap on the number of state-park closures that can be implemented without advance notification.

AB 1750 - The Rainwater Capture Act of 2012 (Principal Co-Author)
Promotes and increases statewide water conservation by authorizing landowners to install, maintain, and operate rainwater-capture systems.


AB 1500/AB 1501 - The California Middle Class Scholarship (Co-Author)
Cuts college fees by two-thirds for middle-class California families by closing a state tax loophole which benefits out-of-state corporations that outsource jobs.

Business and the Economy

AB 1549 - Permitting Bill of Rights
Simplifies the permitting process for businesses, which currently have to deal with multiple bureaucracies, by requiring state and local governments to provide a comprehensive list of required permits at the outset of a project and one point of contact for multiple permits.

AB 1616 - The California Homemade Food Act
Frees many small, home-based businesses in the food industry from stifling red tape and outdated regulations.

AB 1875 - Streamlining the Justice System
Speeds up the progress of lawsuits by limiting depositions to seven hours.

AB 2324 - Simplifying Consumer Contracts
Simplifies the contract used for the purchase of autos in California by eliminating outdated, redundant, and superfluous portions of the document.

AB 2026 - Film Industry Tax Credit (Principal Co-Author)
Extends the State's Film and Television Tax Credit Program, originally passed in 2009, by an additional five years, to keep entertainment jobs in California.

AB 2037 - New Markets Credit Tax Program (Principal Co-Author)
Stimulates investment in low-income communities by providing tax-relief for entrepreneurs who open businesses and hire workers, which will allow California to access federal dollars for such purposes.

Public and Consumer Safety

AB 2464 - The Improving Personal Safety at Stadiums Act
Protects the safety of fans at sporting events by giving judges discretion to ban persons convicted of violent acts from attending future sporting events. The measure also seeks to prevent violent acts by asking professional sports franchises to increase signage so fans may report incidents at arenas. Finally, it would also create a banned list for persons barred from sporting events and create a statewide reward fund to solve such future crimes so local law enforcement does not have to pay.

AB 1624 - Multi-Party Bank Account Protection
Protects senior citizens and other vulnerable populations from financial abuse by overturning existing law that presumes that funds belong to whomever drains a bank account first.

AB 1323 - Allowing Cities to Better Track Parolees (To Be Introduced)
Allows local governments to pass ordinances requiring parolees to notify local police departments when they locate in a neighborhood.

AB 1708 - Auto Insurance and Registration for Smartphones
Allows motorists to show their proof of insurance and vehicle registration on their smartphones.

AB 1658 - The California Legacy License Plate Program
Authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue license plates that replicate the looks and colors of classic California license plates from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.

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