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BURBANK — The construction activities and closures listed below will occur during the week of August 17-22, 2014, as part of the I-5 Empire Project in Burbank, a series of freeway improvements between Magnolia Boulevard and Buena Vista Street. More information about the project is here. Construction activities and closures are subject to change.

Major Construction Activities for the Week of August 17-22, 2014

Day Work

  • Excavation for a retaining wall near the southbound I-5 Buena Vista Street off-ramp.
  • Boring operation along Victory Place north of Empire Avenue. (See photo at right.)
  • Fill placement between the San Fernando Boulevard tunnel and the Lincoln Street/Victory Place intersection.
  • Manhole work at Victory Place and Empire Avenue by Liberman Broadcasting.
  • Gas Company work: utility removal/relocation on San Fernando Boulevard between the northbound I-5 Scott Road off-ramp and Grismer Avenue

and at Andover Drive.

Night Work

  • Placement of conduit on Victory Place north of the Empire Center entrance and on Victory Place and Empire Avenue by Liberman Broadcasting.
  • Striping and delineation work on Victory Place and Empire Avenue near Liberman Broadcasting.

Please be attentive to closures, slow down, and watch for workers in construction zones.

What to Expect: Residents and businesses close to the freeway may notice vibration and construction noise, but it will not exceed levels permitted by state, federal and local regulations. Also, the contractor is using approved dust-control measures to minimize airborne particles, but some dust is expected. Additionally, motorists should be attentive to new traffic patterns created by restriping of travel lanes and concrete barriers. Please proceed cautiously and watch for workers.

Closures for the Week of August 17-22, 2014

Ramp Closures

  • One lane of the southbound I-5 Buena Vista Street off-ramp may be closed during daytime hours (7 a.m. to 3 p.m.). Motorists WILL be able to use the ramp during the closure.

Street Closures (near Empire Center)

  • Between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., Victory Place will be reduced to one lane north of Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue at Victory Place will be left turn only.
  • Empire Avenue will have one travel lane in each direction at all times. Parking will be restricted on the north side of Empire Avenue.

Permanent I-5 Ramp Closures

  • Northbound Burbank Boulevard/Walnut Avenue on-ramp
  • Southbound Scott Road off-ramp: This ramp will be integrated into the Empire interchange, which will open in mid-2016
  • Southbound Victory Place/Lincoln Street on-ramp: This ramp will be integrated into the Empire interchange, which will open in mid-2016

Resources for Motorists

  • Project Information:Information about the project is here.
  • Closure Information: Closure information for this and other freeway projects is also available on the Caltrans website and the I-5 website.

For the safety of the construction crew and motorists, please be attentive to closures, slow for the cone zone, and move over one lane where possible.

Caltrans thanks motorists for their patience and understanding during construction. For more information, visit I-5info.com.

Northbound Buena Vista Street 18-Month Parking Removal

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What: Street parking on a segment of northbound Buena Vista Street will be removed temporarily from Winona Avenue to 200 feet north of the I-5 on-ramp. About 17 parking spaces will be affected.

When: Parking will be prohibited in the designated area from, tentatively, April 28, 2014, through November 2015. This parking restriction will be in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the parking restriction is implemented later than April 28, an update will be posted on the I-5 website (I-5info.com).

Why: The Buena Vista Street northbound travel lane will be shifted to the right, eliminating the parking lane temporarily. The shift allows Caltrans to add a second northbound left-turn lane from Buena Vista Street to the I-5 on-ramp. The second left-turn lane is needed to reduce congestion and enhance safety during construction of the railroad grade separation at Buena Vista Street and San Fernando Boulevard (part of the Empire Project). The parking lane will be restored.

Other Parking Options: Parking is available on side streets, such as Tulare Ave., N. Frederic Street and Brighton Street, and on Buena Vista Street north of the I-5 ramps.

About the Project
The Empire Project is a series of improvements to I-5 in Burbank between Magnolia Boulevard and Buena Vista Street, including: carpool lanes, elevated railroad tracks, reconfigured ramps, a new interchange at Empire Avenue, reconstruction and widening of the Burbank Boulevard Bridge, and more. Information about the project is at I-5info.com.

Visit the I-5 website for more information. You can also call and email us. See contacts below.  Website: I-5info.com Select “Magnolia Boulevard to Buena Vista Street”  Toll-Free I-5 Info Line: (855) 454-6335, option 2  Email: Click on ‘Contact Us’ at the website above. Caltrans thanks you for your patience and understanding.

Dates are subject to change. Sign up to receive automatic project updates by email at I-5info.com or by calling the Toll-free I-5 Info Line. April 2014

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