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Assembly Bill (AB) 24 Requires Drivers to Enroll in a DMV Employer Pull Notice Program, Participate in a Department of Justice Finger-Print Background Check, & Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Sacramento, CA) Today, Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian (Sherman Oaks) introduced a consumer protection and public safety bill to establish basic public safety standards for drivers of charter party carriers, such as limousines, buses, and transportation network companies, like Uber and Lyft. 

“Ridesharing is simply high-tech hitchhiking,” stated Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian.  “Consumers are being blindly picked-up by complete strangers and entrusting them with their safety.  As a public servant, I want to ensure your driver gets you home safely through the enactment of common sense safety measures.” 

Uber and Lyft conduct their own private background checks. However, the San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon recently called Uber’s criminal background checks “completely worthless.”

AB 24 includes three core safety standards:

  • Department of Motor Vehicle Employer Pull Notice: The pull notice alerts employers immediately when an arrest for a DUI or a serious conviction has occurred.
  • Department of Justice Fingerprint Background Checks: DOJ fingerprint background checks rely on biometric verification and as a result, are the most comprehensive checks used across professions to ensure safety and consumer protection.  
  • Random Drug Testing: Participate in a drug and alcohol testing program.

“Rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft that claim to be focused on consumer safety, should welcome and embrace the opportunity to show consumers how safe and friendly their drivers can be, while providing an affordable and technology-driven transportation service,” stated Assemblymember Nazarian.  “Who would be against making sure your driver is not a convicted felon or a reckless driver?”

In the few years that these companies have been operating, inadequacies in current regulations have resulted in several incidents including allegations of passenger harassment, kidnapping, violence, and even one fatality.  Incidents like these are precisely why immediate action is required; the life and well-being of the public is too precious to leave in the care of companies that are not subject to the most basic safety standards.

Similar to AB 612 from last year, AB 24 re-emphasizes Assemblymember Nazarian’s commitment to protect the riding public.  In comparison to AB 612, AB 24 adds a new requirement – all ridesharing drivers must register their car and display an identifying decal to ensure greater transparency and accountability.   

Assemblymember Nazarian added: “I am hopeful that after too many senseless and preventable acts of violence; ridesharing companies would be more inclined to work with me to pass legislation that restores the public’s trust in this wonderful and innovative transportation model.  The requirements in AB 24 are all simple, common sense measures that any business focused on consumer safety should have no issue complying with.” 

Below are links to background information and the bill language for additional information:

Adrin Nazarian represents the 46th Assembly District, serving the San Fernando Valley communities of Hollywood Hills, Lake Balboa, North Hills, North Hollywood, Panorama City, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Valley Glen, Universal City, Van Nuys, and Valley Village.

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