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SACRAMENTO, CA: The Assembly Health Committee today voted to pass a bill that would modernize California’s birth certificate system by ensuring LGBT parents can accurately record their relationships to their children. AB 1951: “Modernizing Birth Certificates,” garnered bipartisan support, and will next move to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Noting the confusion and lack of dignity same-sex couples experience in the birth certificate process, author Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez said reform is needed to correct an unequal and outdated practice.

“As a society, we need to ensure our institutions continue to reflect who we are. Today, part of that process is addressing how to respectfully acknowledge and record the child births and adoptions of LGBT parents,” Gomez said.

Currently, parents are required to select “Mother/Parent” and “Father/Parent;” AB 1951 would allow each parent to select “Mother,” “Father” or “Parent.”

John O’Connor, Executive Director of bill sponsor Equality California, highlighted the importance of AB 1951 for California families.

“A child's entry into the world should be celebrated, not marked by discrimination against the diversity of their family,” O’Connor said. “Modernizing birth certificates means the next generation will be born into a California that treats their families with equal dignity and respect.”

AB 1951 is supported by several organizations, including the ACLU, Courage Campaign, The City of West Hollywood and the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez represents the 51st Assembly District which includes Echo Park, Mission Junction, East Los Angeles, Historic Filipinotown, Chinatown, Glassell Park, Montecito Heights, Monterey Hills, El Sereno, Highland Park, Mt. Washington, Lincoln Heights, City Terrace, Elysian Valley, Cypress Park, Eagle Rock, and a portion of Silverlake.

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