• Improving Faculty Diversity in CA Public Colleges and  Universities

    Improving Faculty Diversity in CA Public Colleges and Universities

    This hearing will review the current status of faculty diversity efforts on our public college campuses and how funding appropriated in the 2016-17 Budget Act will be used to support equal employment opportunity best practices.
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  • Speaker Appointments

    Speaker Appointments

    The Speaker of the State Assembly has the authority to appoint members to California State Boards and Commissions. Appointees are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that the state carries out its constitutional and statutory obligations. There are over 200 opportunities to serve in a multitude of areas.
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  • Access to Benefits for Veterans

    Access to Benefits for Veterans

    Special Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards Help Veterans Gain Access to Benefits
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  • Support Corinthian College Students

    Support Corinthian College Students

    AB 573 provides legal assistance to former Corinthian students seeking to discharge their federal and private loans, and restores up to two years of Cal Grant and California National Guard Education
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  • Small Business Resources

    Small Business Resources

    Resources that our district and state have to offer for small businesses
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  • Job Resources

    Job Resources

    The Employment Development Department (EDD) is part of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency of the executive branch of the State of California. EDD offers a variety of services to millions of Californians...
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  • UCR School of Medicine Funding

    UCR School of Medicine Funding

    Allocates $15 million annually to operate and expand the School of Medicine
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