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SACRAMENTO – AB 2548, authored by Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber (D-San Diego), which would establish a statewide accountability system for California schools based on multiple measures of student performance, was approved by the State Assembly earlier today. The bill will be heard next in the Senate Education Committee.

Co-sponsored by Children Now and The Education Trust-West, AB 2548 would ensure that equity is prioritized in the new system and that California provides meaningful and accessible information on school and district performance to the public.

“Closing the achievement gap should be a key component of the new accountability system,” Weber said. “Parents also need to have easily accessible information on how their school is doing so that they can hold them accountable.”

The State Board of Education (State Board) recently integrated multiple measures into their vision of accountability using elements of AB 2548. Along with math and English language art assessments and graduation rates, the State Board moved to include additional measures, including tracking chronic absence rates, scores on science assessments and progress on assessments over time found in Weber’s bill.

Weber said that the Legislature nevertheless needs to continue pushing the State Board for equity and transparency in school accountability.

“We need to make sure that ALL students are doing well,” Weber said. “And that those who are falling behind are not lost in the numbers of those doing well. Our continued engagement will be necessary to ensure that these students remain a priority.”

AB 2548 has received support from more than 75 equity, business and community organizations throughout California, including the Boys and Men of Color Alliance; the California Chamber of Commerce and numerous local chambers of commerce, the Dolores Huerta Foundation; EdVoice and PICO California.


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