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Hearing Date: Wednesday, May 25 at 9:30 am, Room 126 of the State Capitol

SACRAMENTO – Amid growing concern about the disproportionate growth of middle management at California State University, Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) will request a key legislative committee to direct the State Auditor to investigate the system’s hiring and compensation practices.

The request will be made at a State Capitol hearing of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) on Wednesday, May 25 at 9:30 am in Capitol Room 126.

“There is evidence of a huge growth in middle management and increase in executive compensation” said Assemblymember Shirley Weber. “I have serious concerns about whether these personnel expenditures are justified through improved instruction and services for students.”

Using data from the State Controller’s Office, from 2007-15 CSU management positions increased systemwide by 24 percent, while non-instructional support staff positions increased by less than five percent. Data also reveals a current total of 292 management and executive positions housed at the CSU Chancellor’s Office, but only about 250 support staff positions.

Excessive compensation increases continue to occur despite a November 2007 state audit critical of CSU executive compensation levels (CSU: It Needs to Strengthen Its Oversight and Establish Stricter Policies for Compensating Current and Former Employees; Report #2007-102.1)

CSU state budget allocations were formerly formula driven – using the “Budget Formulas and Standards Manual” issued for the CSU by the state Department of Finance – especially when determining staffing levels. In exchange for accepting Wilson Administration proposals for deep spending cuts during a recession in the early 1990s, CSU negotiated an agreement to abandon its formula-driven budget requirements. This action provided the CSU with the ability to receive state budget allocations with few state controls, oversight or accountability.

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