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What Members Are Saying

Speaker Toni G. Atkins – District 78
"No budget is perfect, and no side got everything they wanted. But with the investments we made and the restraint we showed, this budget absolutely keeps faith with the vital priorities of ensuring stability and expanding opportunity."

Assemblymember Marc Levine – District 10
"The budget sets in place a plan of shared responsibility to make the teacher's retirement system solvent. Solvency of the State Teachers Retirement Fund makes sure that the money is there when it is needed and protects classroom spending."

Assemblymember Adam Gray – District 21
"Today we have made wise investments in our future while paying down over $10 billion in debt and putting over $2 billion away in rainy day funds and reserves. There is still a lot of work left to be done, but we are on a better path."

Assemblymember Cheryl Brown – District 47
"The budget provides over $100 million for affordable housing and will help create jobs in areas of new construction. It also contains a $500 million allocation to county sheriff's offices for jail space and other facilities to help ease the cost of prison realignment on our local law enforcement officials with a special emphasis on rehabilitation."

Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi – District 66
"For higher education, this budget provides a 5 percent increase for the University of California and California State University on the condition that tuition and fees are frozen.  This will allow our universities to expand educational opportunities for more California residents."