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SACRAMENTO – In this week’s Democratic Radio Address, Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), member of the Joint Budget Conference Committee, gives an update on the progress of the state budget. By way of the improving economy in the state and the Democrats commitment to closing the deficit, the budget is on track to being balanced and on-time to make the June 15 deadline. Assemblymember Skinner states that while it is important to create a budget of restraint, it is also necessary to invest in specific areas that will help California’s economy grow in the long term, such as funding child care for workers who cannot otherwise afford it, lowering college tuition for California middle class families and expanding health care.

California has the largest veteran population in the nation, with 1.9 million, which is expected to rise when the wars in the Iraq and Afghanistan come to an end.

This week's address is 2:04 mp3


“Hello, I’m Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, member of the Joint Budget Conference Committee.

I wanted to give you a brief update as to where we stand with the budget.

For the third year in a row, California’s state legislature is on track to pass a balanced and on-time budget.

This year, unlike previous years, we are not facing devastating recession caused cuts. The budget issues before us reflect California’s improving economy and the progress Democrats have made in closing out the deficit. And the action you, California voters took in passing Proposition 30.

This year’s budget will be healthy. Yet it will also be restrained, and includes a genuine reserve to guard against volatile revenues. The investments we make in this year’s budget are targeted towards strengthening crucial areas of California’s economy.

We will invest more in schools, expand health care for Californians, fund childcare for those who need it most and make college affordable for the Middle Class.

We’re also working to allocate funding from Proposition 39 in the best way possible.

Prop 39 funds will pay for crucial energy upgrades at schools across the state, creating green jobs while reducing school energy costs so money can be put back into classroom.

Our Senate and Assembly Conference Committee is making great progress in resolving the differences between our houses, and we expect to have the architectural budget issues worked out by the end of next week.

The differences between our houses and with the Governor are all within shouting range.

And we all know the nature of negotiations is such that not everyone will get 100 percent of what they want, but my colleagues and I are committed to working with the Governor to keep California’s finances healthy and stable and our schools thriving.

I am Assemblymember Nancy Skinner. Thank you for listening.”

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