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Update on Ebola

What Members Are Saying

Speaker Toni Atkins, District 78
“I want to thank the members of the Assembly for their hard work and their commitment to the people they represent. The water bond and a groundwater management plan, a fourth on time budget that ensures stability and expands opportunity, a fix to the longtime underfunding of STRS and a real Rainy Day Fund that will help end the cycles of boom and bust are among the chief successes we can be proud of this year.”

Assemblymember Roger Dickinson, District 7
“A critical element of addressing the water challenges facing California involves ensuring a sustainable supply of groundwater. Over drafting our groundwater leads to subsidence and contamination; consequences we cannot afford.”

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, District 17
“We need [Assembly Bill 885] to stop the few prosecutors whose seal for convictions lead them to cut corners on justice. We can’t wait decades to free the innocent while the true perpetrators run free.”

Assemblymember Das Williams, District 37
“The tragedy in Isla Vista is a horrific example of how our mental health laws and gun laws are not working together. [Assembly Bill 1014] will help close the gap and provide the necessary legal tools to empower immediate family members and law enforcement to protect loved ones and the public from the dangers of gun violence.”

Assemblymember Steven Bradford, District 62
“Folks with certain disabilities may not be able to complete their [voter] registration forms with a traditional signature. [Assembly Bill 1311] will ensure their right to vote is protected, by allowing them to complete their forms by making a mark, a cross, or affixing a stamp to their form.”

Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, District 80
“It's clear that paid sick days are not only good for working people who are able to keep themselves and their customers healthy, but good for business owners who will see less turnover and better productivity from workers who are able to perform to their best ability.”