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SACRAMENTO – In this week’s Democratic Radio Address, Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) speaks to the Assembly on the last night of the legislative session. Speaker Pérez highlights some of the Assembly’s accomplishments during the 2013 session, including passing legislation to expand healthcare to over a million Californians who are otherwise uninsured, passing an on-time balanced budget for the third year in a row and passing the Middle Class Scholarship, which effectively reduces fees at California public universities by up to 40 percent.

This week's address is 1:37"> mp3


“This is the Democratic Weekly Address from the Assembly Democratic Caucus.”

Speaker John A. Pérez:
“After years of weathering the Great Recession, California is clearly on a comeback trail, thanks in large part to the members of the Legislature.

In this first year of our two-year session we passed an on-time balanced budget for the third year in a row. The first time that’s happened in 30 years.

We passed major bills on a variety of important topics, including expanding access to health care, dealing with broad based issues of economic development, working together to improve the business climate of the state, supporting our veterans and enacting Middle Class Scholarship.

I believe that history and the record will show we were clearly focused on maintaining fiscal responsibility, increasing prosperity and opportunity, and investing in California’s future.

But as this first year of the session comes to an end, we know there is a lot more work that we must do together.

We must continue to help California’s economy recover, and we must continue to look for ways to help middle class families, and we must help provide a path for those Californians working to become self-sufficient and join the middle class.”

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