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Rendon to Assume Office on March 7

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) today was elected the 70th Speaker of the California State Assembly.

“I thank my colleagues for the confidence they have placed in me and for this immense privilege to serve,” Rendon said. “We as policymakers have a great deal of work ahead of us to meet the challenges Californians demand we address.”

Rendon will assume the office of Speaker on March 7.

“With the annual budget process underway, my immediate priority is working with my colleagues to negotiate a budget that represents the values of the people of California,” Rendon said. “Moving forward, the Assembly has a tremendous opportunity to address not only short-term goals but also the lingering long-term issues facing our state.”

Rendon is serving in his second term representing the 63rd Assembly District, which includes the cities and communities of Bell, Cudahy, Hawaiian Gardens, Lakewood, North Long Beach, Lynwood, Maywood, Paramount, and South Gate.

Website of Speaker-elect Rendon:

Below are links to audio of Speaker-elect Rendon:

Remarks from Speaker-elect Anthony Rendon following today’s vote making him the 70th Speaker of the State Assembly. (3:21)

In his remarks to the State Assembly Speaker-elect Rendon says the Legislature must work together to build a better California. (:28)

Speaker-elect Rendon says, regardless of political differences, its crucial for all voices to be heard. (:15)

Speaker-elect Rendon says he expects a smooth transition from Speaker Atkins to his term as Speaker. (:14)

Speaker-elect Rendon says early childhood education remains a top priority for him. (:14)

Text of speech:

"Madame Speaker and colleagues,
When the voters extended term limits in 2012, they did so because they believed it would help the Legislature be more deliberative, thoughtful, and productive. As a result, the era that lies before us is one with great potential for this institution and for this state.
The role of the Speaker in an era when members can serve up to 12 years is to maximize that potential by helping members develop greater expertise, pursue longer-term policy strategies, and perform more vital oversight. In doing so, the Speaker enables all members with the tools and opportunities to better represent our constituents in the work we have before us.
One of the best aspects of Speaker Atkins's leadership has been the manner in which she has empowered members and emphasized a strong and open committee process.
This will also be my approach. Thank you, Speaker Atkins, for starting this process of democratization and your devotion to public service.
Because of your leadership, thousands of struggling families will soon benefit from the state's earned income tax credit.
Because of your leadership, 5,000 more California students will attend the University of California.
And because of your leadership the goal of ensuring affordable housing for every Californian has advanced significantly.
I also want to thank Mr. Bonta, Ms. Burke, Ms. Campos, and Mr. Thurmond for speaking on behalf of my nomination as well as for your friendships and tireless commitments to improving California.
To my colleague Mr. Mayes, congratulations on your new post as Republican Leader. I am looking forward to a fruitful relationship with you and the entire Republican caucus.
Above all, I want to thank my colleagues for the confidence you have placed in me and for this immense privilege to serve.
Our work together begins right away.
Last week the Governor released his initial proposal for the budget—this document is the embodiment of our values and the values of the people of California. I look forward to representing the will of this house throughout the budget process.
Most of all we have the work of creating a better California:
A California where half the children in the world's 8th largest economy are not in poverty, but instead have infinite opportunities before them, including the kind of life-changing public education experience that I had.
A California that engages residents in our democracy again.
And a California with a safe environment, clean air, and water that lets families, communities, and businesses thrive.
Not only are these the issues that motivated all of us to pursue public service but they are also the challenges that Californians demand we address.
Thank you again for the honor you have given me and for the trust you have placed in me."