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“Job creator” bill speeds through legislature

(Sacramento) - Assemblymember Steve Fox (D-Palmdale) today announced that the Senate and Assembly approved his Assembly Bill (AB) 2389 to create and retain aerospace industry jobs in California and the Antelope Valley specifically. The bill now moves to the Governor for signature.

“This bill was put on a fast track because we desperately need to retain and gain well-paying jobs in California,” said Fox. “The aerospace industry can now point to these tax credits as they bid for these vital defense contracts that will put Californians back to work.”

AB 2389 will directly create 1,100 aerospace jobs in California, and will indirectly create 4,782 jobs in supporting fields. Assemblymember Fox, working in collaboration with the Governor’s Office of Business Development, Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego), and the aerospace industry developed this credit to specifically help aerospace companies currently bidding on Federal Department of Defense projects.

The measure was approved by a special session of the Senate Appropriations Committee, then moved immediately to the Senate floor where it received bipartisan support. Following that vote, AB2389, returned to the Assembly chamber and members voted to approve amendments that were made by the Senate Governance and Finance Committee earlier this week.

Assembly District 36 is home to Plant 42, the Mojave Air and Space Port, Edwards Air Force Base, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Space X, Virgin Galactic, and hundreds of other aerospace companies. Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman are the two largest private employers in the district.

“California is open for business,” said Fox. “This tax credit is exactly what the aerospace industry needs to remain competitive for the next decade. Our successful companies will support other industries, and help our state thrive.”

Website of Assemblymember Fox:

Below are links to audio of Assemblymember Fox:

Assemblymember Fox presents AB 2389 to the Senate Appropriations Committee. (1:54)

Assemblymember Fox says passage of AB 2389 means jobs and growth in California. (:12)

Assemblymember Fox says the aerospace tax break is an investment in the state’s future. (:12)

Assemblymember Fox says passage of AB 2389 may provide a huge economic boost to his district, home to a substantial portion of the aerospace industry. (:19)

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