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[fpsub url="#" img="images/stories/thumbnails/864.gif" label="Full Story" vlabel="Video" vurl="#" title="Assemblymembers Ma, Torres Call for Restoration of Funding for Women’s Shelters"] Over 170,000 domestic violence-related calls for assistance are made in California every year. These calls come from every community as domestic violence cuts across ethnic, cultural and economic boundaries.[/fpsub] [fpsub url="#" img="images/stories/thumbnails/863.gif" label="Full Story" vlabel="Video" vurl="#" title="Assemblymember Nava Asks Governor to Sign Bill to Protect Consumers"] “We are asking the governor to immediately sign my legislation in order to prevent further harm to California families that face a barrage of solicitations making promises to modify their home loans while collecting advance fees for little or no result,” said Nava. “AB 764 will end these scams, ban the collection of advance fees and impose severe penalties for those who violate the law.”[/fpsub] [fpsub url="#" img="images/stories/thumbnails/861.gif" label="Full Story" vlabel="Video" vurl="#" title="Bass & Galgiani Herald $4.5 Billion Federal Stimulus Application for High-Speed Rail Funding"] “California is the only state in the nation to have passed a high-speed rail bond measure, which demonstrates the public’s commitment to funding the nation’s first high-speed, 220 mile-per-hour train system,” Speaker Bass said.[/fpsub] [fpsub url="#" img="images/stories/thumbnails/860.gif" label="Full Story" vlabel="Video" vurl="#" title="Galgiani, Coto Report Progress in Bipartisan Delegation’s Meetings in Washington DC"] Despite the recession, huge revenue shortfalls, and other issues facing our state, Californians have worked together to stem the tide of crises we faced this year. We will continue to work with our federal partners to make sure California has the resources it needs to move forward.[/fpsub] [fpsub url="#" img="images/stories/thumbnails/855.gif" label="Full Story" vlabel="Video" vurl="#" title="Speaker Karen Bass on the Legislative Session"] “In a tough year for California– a year in which the legislature had to focus on painful steps to deal with the recession, there was still some progress and success."[/fpsub] [fpsub url="#" img="images/stories/thumbnails/852.gif" label="Full Story" vlabel="Video" vurl="#" title="Speaker Bass, Joined by Mayor Villaraigosa, Announces Introduction of Monitored Mortgage Workout Program"] “Finding alternatives to foreclosure that homeowners and banks can agree to will keep our neighborhoods intact and help turn California’s economy around,” Bass said. “I’m proud to have partners like Mayor Villaraigosa, who understand that community is the heart of the economy, working on this effort to keep families in their homes.”[/fpsub] [fpsub url="#" img="images/stories/thumbnails/853.gif" label="Full Story" vlabel="Video" vurl="#" title="Bradford takes seat as 51st District Assemblymember"] “These are difficult times for our state and the legislature is confronted with several major and complex issues. In the days ahead I look forward to working with my colleagues to resolve these issues in favor of our constituents – the people of California,” Bradford said.[/fpsub]