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SACRAMENTO – As part of Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez’s efforts to create jobs and help homeowners in California, the Assembly today passed legislation to provide $10,000 tax credits to buyers of new and pre-owned homes and to provide a sales tax exemption on the equipment manufacturers buy as they expand green business in California.

“Today, the Legislature approved two important job creation measures that put Californians back to work,” said Speaker Pérez.  “One bill will help put construction workers back to work by providing tax incentives to first-time homebuyers, spurring the construction of new homes and the sale of existing housing stocks while the other will spur the development of the green economy by exempting the manufacturing of green technology products from sales tax. These measures will help get Californians working again, but they only represent a down payment of the kinds of job-creation policies the Legislature needs to enact to get California out of this recession.

Here are the links to audio of Speaker Pérez:

Speaker Pérez says that the Assembly passed two proposals that will create jobs for Californians. One of them being a $10,000 tax credit for first time home buyers. mp3

Speaker Pérez says the other measure will help California become a leader in the Green Economy. mp3

Speaker Pérez says that it’s important to look the gas tax swap as job creation product. mp3

Speaker Pérez says that the Governor was very happy with the package that the Assembly put together. mp3

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