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SACRAMENTO – Following yesterday’s 2014 midterm elections, Speaker Toni G. Atkins spoke with reporters about striking the right balance in the Assembly.

“Despite a strong Republican headwind, a record low turnout and a historically high number of seats to defend, the Assembly still retains a huge voting majority,” said Speaker Atkins (D-San Diego). “California remains a very blue state, and overall voters have faith in the direction we’re headed.”

The Legislature’s biggest achievements – the water bond and the rainy day fund, were approved overwhelmingly by voters and did not depend on the Democratic supermajority. On December 1, 2014, the Democratic caucus will hold 52 seats in the Assembly.

Below are audio links from today’s news conference:

Speaker Atkins speaks with capitol reporters about yesterday’s election results. (1:02)

Speaker Atkins says the unexpectedly low turnout affected the outcome in the East Bay’s AD 16. (0:13)

Speaker Atkins says it’s fairly common for the majority party (Democrats) to lose some ground in a mid-term election. (0:14)

Speaker Atkins says despite the election results the California Democratic Party is still very strong. (0:22)

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