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Legislative Democrats Oppose Governor’s Budget that Kills Jobs, Hurts Communities

LOS ANGELES - Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) today met with several mayors of Southern California communities to stress how the California Jobs Budget proposed by Legislative Democrats will prevent thousands of harmful layoffs in cities throughout the state.  Pérez also highlighted the almost $1 billion in funds the California Jobs Budget will repay to local governments for prior mandates the state left unfunded.

“Cities and counties throughout California are struggling with their own budget deficits stemming from the global recession,” Pérez said.  “Democrats in the legislature are backing a state budget that saves and creates 460,000 jobs in local communities and we repay cities almost one billion dollars.  This is a creative, balanced budget proposal that reflects California’s values and protects priorities like education and public safety.”

Community leaders meeting with Speaker Perez included: South Gate Mayor Greg Martinez; Carson Mayor Jim Dear; El Monte Mayor Andre Quintero; Maywood Mayor Ana Rizo; Culver City Mayor Christopher Armenta; Manhattan Beach Mayor Mitch Ward; Monterey Park Mayor Anthony Wong; Lawndale Mayor Harold Hoffman; La Puente Mayor David Argudo.

In the meeting Speaker Pérez also noted the budget proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger has been estimated to force the layoffs of 430,000 local cops, firefighters, teachers and other critical workers in communities throughout the state.  The Governor’s budget would also increase local government’s expenses for health care, social services and incarceration.

“The Governor’s proposed budget will be a body blow to a fragile economy and would directly threaten the safety of the public,” Pérez said.  “Cities all across California are now in the position of having to lay off cops and firefighters to close their budget deficits.”

The California Jobs Budget also provides $1 billion for targeted jobs strategies to develop and strengthen California private sector industries, including green and clean tech industries.  These investments stand to generate tens of thousands more private sector jobs and strengthen California's economy for a generation.  This provides a potential funding source for numerous Democratic and Republican jobs bills making their way in the Legislature this year.

The California Jobs Budget also supports private sector employment by maintaining basic services California workers rely on such as childcare programs funded through CalWORKS and Proposition 98 that allow 50,000 small business childcare providers to stay in business and let working parents to go to work and earn a paycheck.

Critical employment services that move people from welfare to work and retrain workers at Community Colleges are also maintained.  The California Jobs Budget provides $100 million for a 400% increase for the Economic Development Program, which successfully gets unemployed Californians back to work.

Among its $930 million in local government repayments, the California Jobs Budget repays:

  • The City of Carson - $102,063
  • The City of Culver City - $313,068
  • The City of El Monte - $358,799
  • The City of Lawndale - $168,075
  • The City of La Puente - $169,094
  • The City of Manhattan Beach - $619,452
  • The City of Maywood - $93,426
  • The City of Monterey Park - $397,910
  • The City of South Gate - $422,586
  • Los Angeles County - $138,000,000

(Partial list.  Figures do not include interest).

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