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NORTH HOLLYWOOD –Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) gave a keynote address to the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA) today highlighting targeted jobs initiatives that will spur private sector job creation as part of the Legislative Democrats’ California Jobs Budget proposal.

“The centerpiece of our proposal is set aside one billion dollars in targeted, private sector job creation programs,” Pérez said. “This is truly the most vital component. The decisions we make this year can wipe out the modest economic gains we’ve seen—or they can help to lay the foundation for a return to future prosperity.”

The California Jobs Budget provides $1 billion for targeted jobs strategies to develop and strengthen California private sector industries, including green and clean tech industries.  These investments stand to generate tens of thousands more private sector jobs and strengthen California's economy for a generation.  This provides a potential funding source for numerous Democratic and Republican jobs bills that are making their way in both houses of the Legislature this year.

“When we approach the budget, there should be only one calculation we use: will this budget help or hurt our economy?” Pérez said. “Restoring health to our economy has to be the only motivating factor in Sacramento. Putting the 2.3 million unemployed Californians back to work is our paramount task.”

The California Jobs Budget also supports private sector employment by maintaining basic services California workers rely on such as childcare programs funded through CalWORKS and Prop 98. that allow 50,000 small business childcare providers to stay in business and let working parents to go to work and earn a paycheck.

Critical employment services that move people from welfare to work and retrain workers at Community Colleges are also maintained.  The California Jobs Budget provides $100 million for a 400% increase for the Economic Development Program, which successfully gets unemployed Californians back to work.

Since becoming Speaker in March, Pérez has supported private sector job growth by moving key bills through the Legislature, including bills he authored to create jobs and help homeowners by providing $10,000 homebuyers tax credits as well as to provide a sales tax exemption on the equipment manufacturers buy as they expand green business in California.

“At the same time we approved the homebuyers tax credit, we also approved a green technology tax exemption,” Pérez said. “This credit exempts the sales tax on the purchase of any equipment used to manufacture green technology. Already we see the benefits of this credit, with Tesla’s announcement that they’d be reopening the NUMMI Plant in Fremont.”

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