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Thousands of Local Jobs saved in Assembly Democrats’ Budget Proposal





SACRAMENTO – Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) was joined by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums at the State Capitol today to highlight support among California cities for protecting the jobs of local police, firefighters, teachers and private sector employees in the state budget. The Assembly Democrats’ California Jobs Budget saves and protects 465,000 California jobs.

“Assembly Democrats have put forward a serious, creative proposal to save and create 465,000 jobs at the local level,” Pérez said. “Cities shouldn't have to lay off cops and firefighters to balance their budgets, and the California Jobs Budget does right by California's cities and schools.”

“The California Jobs Budget is the best possible resolution for both the city and the state in these unprecedented economic times,” Villaraigosa said. “It will repay the City of Los Angeles $24 million dollars that will be used to increase public safety efforts, improve education and expand job creation.”

“It is imperative that we face these tough fiscal challenges without compromising the health and safety of our families and communities,” Dellums said. “The California Jobs Budget proposal works to maintain essential healthcare services and increases opportunities for job training and retention which are vitally important to the quality of life of our residents in the City of Oakland.”

Local police, fire, and other critical local jobs are protected by the California Jobs budget by repaying $930 million owed to local governments for past mandates. This funding provides local governments with discretionary funds to assist their budget challenges and avoid layoffs to critical public service jobs.

Local private sector jobs are jumpstarted with the $1 billion fund the California Jobs Budget provides for targeted jobs initiatives. Funding for 50,000 small business childcare providers is maintained so struggling working parents can continue to go to work and earn a paycheck. Also protected from deep cuts or elimination are employment services that draw down federal funds to help 190,000 people find work and contribute to the local economies.

Education’s critical role in local job creation is supported by the $3.8 billion repayment the California Jobs Budget makes to local school districts. The plan protects tens of thousands of jobs for teachers, aides, and counselors by fully funding Proposition 98. Community college job training is expanded, the Governor's UC and CSU fee increases are reduced by 50 percent and higher education is provided the support it needs to help local workforces compete.

Among its $930 million in local government repayments, the California Jobs Budget repays (these figures do not include interest):

  • The City and County of Los Angeles - $162 million
  • The City of Oakland and Alameda County - $27 million

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Below are links to audio from today’s event.

Speaker Pérez’s opening remarks at today’s news conference. (2:10)

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