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SACRAMENTO - Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) released the following statement regarding his vote in favor of confirming Senator Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) as Lieutenant Governor:

“Two months ago, when this Chamber considered the same nomination, I voted against it because I believe our focus should be on job creation and reform, and did not believe that we should reward a backroom deal by the Governor.

“In the intervening period, this body has come together to approve a down-payment of job creation legislation to the people of California. We have approved legislation to waive the sales tax on equipment used to manufacture green products, creating an enormous incentive for job growth in one of THE growth industries of the 21st century, and we have approved a homebuyers tax credit that will help put the construction industry back to work by spurring new construction and the reduction of existing stocks.

“These were productive steps forward that Democratic and Republican Assemblymembers took together.  Now we have taken another step forward by approving this nomination. I have met with Senator Maldonado over the past several weeks and have given him some frank advice, which is private. To the extent he has taken that advice, I believe he helped his case with me and other members.

“One thing that is certain is that Senator Maldonado and Governor Schwarzenegger now understand that this Assembly takes its responsibility seriously, and the Senator has demonstrated a willingness to work with us on job creation, the budget and reform. I now believe he has demonstrated respect for the role this Assembly plays when we execute the solemn and enormous honor of standing in for the voters when a vacancy precludes them from exercising their will, and have voted in favor of his nomination accordingly.”

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