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“The budget we passed today is balanced and on time, but most important, it makes investments that make people’s lives better. That means more support for students in our classrooms. That means more children will be able to escape poverty. That means more students will be able to afford college. That means more workers will have jobs building housing that families can afford to live in. That means more veterans will get help accessing the benefits and services they earned. And that means more working families will be able to find the child care that helps them keep their jobs.

“The budget also plans for the future and prepares for emergencies by responsibly paying down debt and building up reserves. No budget is perfect, and no side got everything they wanted. But with the investments we made and the restraint we showed, this budget absolutely keeps faith with the vital priorities of ensuring stability and expanding opportunity.”

--Toni G. Atkins, Speaker of the Assembly

(Sacramento) – Assembly Budget Committee Chair Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) is praising the passage of another balanced and on-time state budget. "This budget is balanced and on time, but most important, it makes investments in people's lives," said Assemblymember Skinner. "The budget is true to the Assembly's goals of ensuring fiscal stability, while making investments that benefit each and every Californian. The increased investments are the most significant in years and our budgetary actions pay down long-term state debt, contribute to the reserve and put California on solid fiscal footing."

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