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SACRAMENTOCalifornia Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) issued the following statement today regarding Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed May Revise to the state budget:

“With the release of the May Revise, the Legislature now knows the exact scope of the deficit we must close, and while I cannot say what the exact solution will be, I can say that the process in finding that solution will be open, honest and transparent.

The Assembly’s focus is on adopting a budget that promotes job creation and continues to fund the vital services California needs to ensure a strong and lasting economic recovery. The Assembly will not play politics with the budget—and we will specifically not engage in the politics of extraction. The Governor’s suggestions are clearly more reflective of a hyper-partisan political agenda than in finding real solutions to our problems. Putting Californians back to work is the fundamental priority for Californians, and we do not have the luxury of another bruising summer of ideological warfare.”

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