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(Sacramento) – Governor Jerry Brown recently said that California’s students should not be “the default financiers of our colleges and universities.”  California State Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) wholeheartedly agrees.  That’s why Speaker Atkins has directed the Assembly Budget Committee to take what’s called a “zero-based budgeting” approach to the University of California to find out exactly where student and taxpayer dollars are going and if that money is being spent prudently.  This line item budgeting approach was sparked when UC Regents decided to raise tuition once again.

“With the Assembly beginning our top-to-bottom review of UC’s budget, I am sure we will be able to identify savings, as well as increased state funding, that will help ensure UC remains a world-class treasure,” said Speaker Atkins.  “The Assembly is also committed to capping enrollment for out-of-state students and charging those students a reasonable higher rate to ensure a UC education remains available and affordable for the California students it was built to serve.”

Watch this Assembly Access Video to learn more about the Assembly’s review of the University of California’s budget and what students and lawmakers are saying about about it