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(Sacramento) – Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) released the following statement on passing a balanced and on-time state budget:

"For the third year in a row, the Assembly has approved a balanced, on-time budget. Over the past three years, the work we have done has eliminated our structural deficit, balanced our books and increased our credit rating. The budget we have adopted today builds on that tremendous progress using the principles we outlined in the Blueprint for a Responsible budget: maintaining fiscal responsibility, strengthening the middle class and making government services more efficient and effective. We make crucial investments in the middle class, namely by repaying schools $2 billion in deferrals from previous years and by establishing the middle class scholarship to cut student fees by up to 40 percent at UCs and CSUs. And we take action to remove significant barriers to small business expansion and hiring.We expand healthcare coverage for more than one million Californians, and approve a new funding formula to put more money in the schools that need it most. This is a budget that reflects our principles of fiscal responsibility and opportunity for the middle class. It reflects the values of the people of California and the urgent challenges facing our state.  I am grateful to my colleagues--especially Budget Chair Blumenfield, the Budget Sub Committee Chairs and our Assembly Conferees for their hard work in crafting a budget worthy of the people of California."