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Thursday, 05 April 2012 09:40

California Student Associations Announce Support for Speaker’s Middle Class Scholarship Act

SACRAMENTO – California student organizations recently sent Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) letters of support for AB 1500 and AB 1501—the bills behind the Middle Class Scholarship Act. In the letters, the California State Student Association (CSSA), representing the 23 CSU campuses and over 420,000 students, the University of California Student Association (UCSA), representing 200,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in the UC system, and the Student Senate for Community Colleges (SSCCC), representing over 2.6 million students in the California community college system, encouraged the state to continue its commitment to higher education by supporting the Middle Class Scholarship Act.

“I am very pleased that the Middle Class Scholarship Act has received strong support from California’s students, individually and through their representatives of the CSSA, UCSA and SSCCC,” said Speaker Pérez. “We need to reinvest in opportunity for every Californian, and by reducing student fees by two-thirds at the CSU and UC, we can ensure they graduate with the least amount of debt and the most opportunities.”

“For years CSU students have experienced repeated tuition increases. Each time, it is our middle income students who are denied access to an affordable college experience and necessary financial aid,” said Greg Washington, California State Student Association President and CSU Fullerton student. “As student leaders, we appreciate the objective of Speaker Pérez’s Middle Class Scholarship Act, as it will benefit those students most ignored during the economic downturn. This legislation should be embraced by the Legislature and the Governor. It is a common sense solution to the college affordability problem.”

"I hear regularly from students who are struggling to keep up with the unprecedented fee increases that have denied countless students access to higher education. The Speaker's Middle Class Scholarship Act will bring much needed relief to students and their families and help to fulfill the promise of an affordable and accessible public higher education system,” said Claudia Magaña, University of California Student Association President and UC Santa Cruz student.

"Speaker Pérez has brought forward the Middle Class Scholarship Act at a time when the populace of California are finding themselves pushed out of higher education due to skyrocketing fees, denied jobs because of advanced education requirements which would have normally been offered to them in our public colleges and universities, and often in inescapable and seemingly endless debt from attempted or delayed degrees and certificates,” said Kevin Feliciano, Student Senate for California Community Colleges President and Ohlone College student. “Not only does the Middle Class Scholarship Act address the very immediate issue of affordability, but it also has the foresight to begin addressing California's economic shortfalls."

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