• Affordable Housing

    Speaker Atkins, along with other leaders, announced the Assembly Democrats proposal to create more affordable housing in California Read More
  • Transportation Plan

    Speaker Atkins and the Assembly Democrats have come up with a timely and reasonable plan to fix the Golden State’s freeways, bridges and other transportation infrastructure Read More
  • Speaker Atkins’ Bill, Closes Loophole, Protects Wildlife

    Speaker Atkins’ Assembly Bill 96, which would close loopholes that prevent the effective enforcement of existing California law prohibiting the sale of ivory, has been approved Read More
  • Emergency Drought Legislation

    Speaker Atkins joined Governor Jerry Brown, Senate pro Tempore Kevin de Leon and GOP legislative leaders Senator Bob Huff and Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen for a state capitol news conference Read More
  • Fixing the Future: It Starts With Students

    Between tuition increases and funding cuts over the years, paying for an education at a UC has become a burden on students and families—especially in the middle class. Read More
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