From devastating natural disasters to asthma caused by air pollution, the environment impacts us all every day. In California, we are doing our part to curb the negative effects of climate change through legislation. Of particular highlight is our 2035 Clean Cars goal, where California will no longer be selling new gasoline-powered cars by 2035. Thanks to prioritized investments in green jobs, the reduction of toxic emissions, and the people of California doing their part, we are working on protecting our environment for our children, grandchildren and beyond. We are up to the challenge.

AB 1279 – (Muratsuchi): This bill codifies California’s commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2045. Chaptered: September 16, 2022

AB 1757 – (C. Garcia): Requires the state to set targets for removing planet-warming carbon from the atmosphere with nature-based methods like planting trees or restoring wetlands. Chaptered: September 16, 2022

SB 905 – (Caballero): The State Air Resources Board must develop a program and set regulations for carbon capture, utilization, and storage projects at polluting industries, such as oil refineries. Chaptered: September 16, 2022

AB 2316 — (Ward): Requires the creation of a new community solar program to deploy distributed solar and energy storage resources primarily located in, and to the benefit of, low-income customers. Chaptered: September 16, 2022

SB 1020 – (Laird): Establishes interim targets to ensure the state reaches the 100% clean energy goal in 2045, as well as establishing a more aggressive, 2035 100% zero-carbon energy goal for electricity used by the State. Chaptered: September 16, 2022

SB 1137 – (Gonzalez): This bill prohibits new oil and gas wells or extensive retrofitting of existing operations within 3,200 feet of designated areas such as homes or schools. Chaptered: September 16, 2022