Housing and Homelessness

We are still in the midst of California’s housing problem but we are taking steps to improve. This year, Members have passed legislation to streamline affordable housing projects and, most notably, have established the CARE court program, which will allow people with behavioral problems to receive help. More bills on planning and zoning will also help expand affordable housing and help everyday Californians.

SB 1338 – (Umberg): Establishes the Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) court program and the CARE Act to provide comprehensive treatment, housing, and support services to Californians with complex behavioral health care needs. Chaptered: September 14, 2022

AB 178 – (Ting): This bill provides $39.5 million in 2022-23 and $37.7 million ongoing for future budget appropriation regarding CARE Court. Chaptered: June 30, 2022

SB 197 – (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review): Establishes the California Dream for All program to provide shared appreciation loans to qualified first-time homebuyers. This bill will help many individuals achieve their dream of homeownership. Chaptered: June 30, 2022

AB 2011 – (Wicks): Creates an approval process for 100% affordable housing projects in commercial zones and mixed-income housing projects along commercial corridors, as specified. The bill would also impose specific labor standards on those projects. Chaptered: September 28, 2022

SB 6 – (Caballero): This bill establishes housing as an allowable use for any parcel zoned for office or retail uses. Works to help solve California’s lack of housing. Chaptered: September 28, 2022