2019-2020 Session Highlights

As the nation faces an unprecedented pandemic, economic downturn, and social upheaval, the California State Assembly keeps fighting to protect Californians, expand the economy, and ensure equality for all.


As part of California’s active commitment to social equity, your Assembly Legislators have worked on bills to mandate police de-escalation and implicit bias training, start to root out police brutality, and move toward ending systemic racism. This is only the beginning, and the California Assembly Democrats will continue to work for a fair, just and equal California.

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Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses are the heart of California’s economy. This year, the State Assembly approved legislation protecting and supporting California’s small business through the economic downturn. Bills included low and no-cost loans, investments in small and micro businesses, and tax exemptions.

Climate and the Environment

From devastating natural disasters to asthma caused by air pollution, the environment impacts us all every day. In California, we are doing our part to curb the negative effects of climate change through legislation. Thanks to our prioritized investments in green jobs, the reduction of toxic emissions, and the people of California doing their part, we have surpassed our climate goals years ahead of schedule. With willfully ignorant policies at the federal level, it's up to California to take the lead and protect our environment for our children, grandchildren and beyond. We are up to the challenge.

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The Legislature is fighting hard to protect California’s workers by keeping them safe and securing their benefits. In 2020, Members passed legislation to provide paid medical leave to workers who contract COVID-19, as well as providing support by passing bills to assist the thousands on unemployment. New rules also require protective gear for frontline workers and update workplace safety requirements. The backbone of California’s economy is our workforce and the State Assembly continues to prioritize its needs.

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California faced an unprecedented challenge with millions on the brink of eviction and foreclosure due to COVID-19. The State Assembly responded with strong leadership and helped keep renters and homeowners in their homes by creating new protections. Members also passed legislation to streamline new housing projects and provide tax credits for low-income housing. This year, the Legislature approved Project Room Key, an emergency housing program to help homeless individuals at risk of COVID-19 find shelter. Members also approved nearly $1 billion to acquire permanent housing for California’s homeless residents, as well as support cities and counties in their efforts to end homelessness.

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Californians are no strangers to natural disasters. That is why the State Assembly took priority in our state’s future and worked on legislation to expand the Earthquake Early Warning System, hire and pre- position firefighters and resources, and provide new firefighting helicopters and C-130s.

health coverage

In 2020 the California State Assembly, via the state budget, provided coverage for Covid-19 related testing and treatment for uninsured individuals.


How California’s kids learn changed drastically in 2020 and the Legislature took quick action to make sure students were not left behind. Members passed legislation to provide billions in funding for schools to clean classrooms, ramp up distance learning and keep teachers from losing their jobs.