2020-2021 California State Budget

Assembly Democrats: Protecting Our Values

Assembly Democrats recently provided budgets that were on-time, balanced and focused on the priorities that matter to Californians. But in those times of structural stability, Assembly Democrats also created a Rainy Day Fund to prepare for a time when California’s values were threatened by economic downturns or other outside factors.

The unprecedented threat to our health and financial wellbeing from the COVID-19 pandemic is of a far larger magnitude than any threat our state and country have faced since the Great Depression. And our reserves in the Rainy Day Fund, while substantial, will not be enough. That’s why it is critical that California be given its fair share of Federal dollars to reduce the pain of budget cutting in the year ahead.

As we work to close the budget gap due to COVID-19, we will not lose sight of our values.

The Assembly is committed to building a budget plan that lays the groundwork for a stronger economy and an even more resilient California. When we do emerge on the other side of COVID-19, we will know that the way forward is clear and all of the sacrifices made by so many were worth the effort.

California will emerge from this pandemic. We will work together to lift one another up; to bear the burdens we are forced to bear; and to keep looking toward a brighter future that exists if we are bold enough to work for it.