TK-12 and Higher Education

California is committed to providing quality education to every student. That’s why we are investing billions into education, a 15% increase from last year alone, for a total spending of $22,000 per student. We are increasing funding not only for educational aspects, but also for recreational aspects like summer programs and afterschool programs, as well as mental health support. Our students deserve the best and more.

AB 181 – (Budget Committee): Provides a record ongoing discretionary base funding increase with a 15 percent increase to the LCFF over the 2021-22 funding levels. This major ongoing commitment, along with protections for districts facing declining enrollment and a solid $9.5 billion Prop 98 Reserve, ensures solid budgets for school districts. Chaptered: June 30, 2022

AB 181 – (Budget Committee): Provides $500 million for the special education funding formula to increase the base rate to $820. This represents a 30 percent per pupil increase since 2020-21. Chaptered: June 30, 2022

SB 906 – (Portantino): This bill requires school officials to report any threat or perceived threat to law enforcement. Law enforcement must then conduct an investigation and threat assessment, as well as a search of the school and student property if the search is justified by reasonable suspicion. Chaptered: July 21, 2022

AB 1958 – (M. Fong): This bill creates the Community College Student Access, Retention, and Debt Cancellation Program. This will work to provide fiscal incentives to encourage the enrollment and re-enrollment of students at community colleges. Chaptered: September 30, 2022

AB 183 – (Budget Committee): Expands CalGrant eligibility to 150,000 additional students. Chaptered: June 30, 2022

AB 183 – (Budget Committee): Expands CalGrants to include non-tuition support. Chaptered: June 30, 2022