• Access to Benefits for Veterans

    Access to Benefits for Veterans

    Special Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards Help Veterans Gain Access to Benefits
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  • Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program

    Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program

    If you have a suspended license or are still making payments on an old traffic ticket, you may qualify for the Traffic Ticket/Infraction Amnesty Program
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  • Assembly Democrats' Budget Victories

    Assembly Democrats' Budget Victories

    This year’s budget is a strong reflection of California’s priorities: increasing funding and access to quality education, reducing poverty and rebuilding our economy
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  • Drought Busters Program

    Drought Busters Program

    Assemblymember Das Williams invites you to become a Drought Buster!Know a resident or business owner who has gone above and beyond in conserving water outdoors in Santa Barbara County?
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  • Empowering Isla Vista

    Empowering Isla Vista

    Isla Vista is a community of over 20,000 people situated within an area of less than one square mile, making it one of the most densely populated urban areas not within a city.
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  • Internship Program

    Internship Program

    One of the best ways to learn the inner workings of government and your community is through a State Assembly internship program...
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  • Funding Your College Future

    Funding Your College Future

    A college degree means greater opportunity. The State of California offers ways to help you afford this life-changing educational experience. Find out more by attending an informative workshop.
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  • California State Parks

    California State Parks

    State Parks are back in business! For less than the cost of tickets to the movies, a family can spend an afternoon or an entire vacation exploring their state parks.
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