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Look West provides a personal view of the California leaders representing you in the State Assembly. Tune in while these elected officials, influential leaders, and the general public provide a unique perspective on different issues affecting California, and learn more about the actions we’re taking to help lead the nation into a brighter future. This podcast is brought to you by the Assembly Democratic Caucus team. Inquiries or questions, contact Deputy Director of Communications, Maria Neider

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on Look West are solely those of the guests and do not necessarily represent the views of the Democratic Office of Communication and Outreach or the Assembly Democratic Caucus.
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Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Right to Vote

November 1, 2019

November 1, 2019 marks 100 years since California ratified the 19th Amendment – however women had been voting in California since 1911!  The 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote but voter suppression discouraged and prevented specific groups from exercising their newfound right.

With more women elected to office than ever before, the role of women in politics and society is ever-changing. Assemblymember Dr. Shirley N. Weber and Dr. Huma Ahmed-Ghosh dive into the last hundred years and the future of civic engagement.

Look West episode

Protecting Consumers from Predatory Lenders

October 24, 2019

For years Loan sharks have been praying on California consumers through loans with interest as high as 200% or even 300%. Irresponsible lenders have particularly targeted low income African American and Latinos. In this new episode of Look West, Assemblymember Monique Limón, the author of the new law that caps interest rates for loans between $2,500 to $10,000 to 36%,  talks about the problem and what is next with nationally recognized Social and Economic Justice advocate Reverend Shane B. Scott.

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Honoring Chief Clerk E. Dotson Wilson

September 27, 2019

He’s the most interesting man in CA. He is highly respected and looked up to. He is the reason why the CA legislature has run as smoothly as it has for the last 27 years. His next adventure? A well-deserved retirement. Join Speaker Pro Tempore Kevin Mullin as he speaks with Chief Clerk E. Dotson Wilson and his tenure guiding the legislature.

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The Last Week of the Legislative Year

September 20, 2019

Take a behind the scenes look at the end of the 2019 legislative year with Assembly Democrats and their staff as they describe to us the crazy and exciting last week of session in the Capitol. We spoke to Assemblymembers, Chiefs of Staff, Legislative Directors, Legislative Aids, and Assembly Fellows about the long hours and the snacks that got them through the week and heard their thoughts on the protests that rocked the Capitol during the last week of session.

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Best of Look West

August 29, 2019

This episode of LookWest features some of the best and brightest segments that have been covered since the inception of the show. Topics include civil rights, aging and Alzheimer’s, Millennial leadership, restorative justice and more.

Look West episode

Equal Pay for Equal Play

July 23, 2019

On this episode of Look West, Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner Horvath and Carlsbad City Councilmember and 3x Women’s World Longboard Surfing Champion, Cori Schumacher, discuss equal pay for equal play, and why gender pay inequity is still an issue in the world of sports.

Earlier this year, Assemblywoman Boerner Horvath introduced Assembly Bill 467, which ensures equal compensation prizes for the male and female categories in competitions that take place on state lands. You can find the bill text for AB 467 on the California Legislative Information website.

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2019 Pride Awards

June 27, 2019

The CA State Assembly annually celebrates Pride by honoring those who are making a difference in the LGBTQ community and beyond. On this episode of Look West, Assemblymember Todd Gloria meets with Pride Award recipient and former NBA player, Jason Collins. Jason shares his experience on coming out as a professional athlete, what it’s like to meet Oprah, and the work he’s doing to advocate for LGBTQ individuals and families who are struggling to survive the migrant crisis on the southern border.

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Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Heritage

June 20, 2019

Each year the California State Assembly holds a special ceremony to highlight the achievements of people in the Asian Pacific Islander communities. In this episode of Look West, Assemblymember David Chiu talks with a Michelin star chef from Oakland (James Syhabout), the screenwriter of Crazy Rich Asians (Adele Lim) and the first Asian American to host a cable network news program (Richard Lui).

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The vote for 17-year-olds – Learn about ACA 4 from the two Mullins

June 10, 2019

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4 is a measure to allow 17 year olds to vote in the primary if they are 18 by the general election. It is an effort to increase civic participation among young people and to encourage interest in the electoral process for a lifetime. The idea has been around for more than 30 years and was first introduced by former Assemblmember Gene Mullin. At that time, although, it received a majority of votes, he could not receive the 54 needed for passage. Today, with youth even more involved and an atmosphere more conducive to the idea, Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (Gene’s son) has reintroduced the idea as ACA 4. Listen to the story of the idea from the two Mullins and hear what today’s students think of the idea as well.

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Farmworker Housing

May 28, 2019

On this episode of Look West, Assemblymember Robert Rivas sits down with civil and labor rights leader Dolores Huerta. Together, they discuss how California’s Housing Crisis is negatively impacting farmworkers and their families. Rivas’ legislation, the ‘Farmworker Housing Act of 2019’ hopes to address the issue.