Make no mistake, illegal fentanyl is illegal in California. Dealers can serve years in prison or jail if convicted of dealing illegal fentanyl. More than that, individuals are being charged and convicted with murder for dealing in illegal fentanyl, leading to someone's death.

Assembly Democrats are not standing idly by. We are tackling the fentanyl crisis with strong public safety protections and robust public health measures. We are mindful of the generational social and economic damage done to Black and Brown communities by relying singularly on the criminal justice system to address a public health crisis while enacting new laws, investing more money and resources, and mobilizing law enforcement efforts to protect Californians from illegal fentanyl.

Animals in our community face challenges too. Assembly Democrats understand the importance of protecting and promoting the welfare of all pets, along with the Californians that love them.

Collaborating with animal rights advocates, local shelters, and other stakeholders, Assembly Democrats are aiming to advance policies that will benefit our furry friends. Improving the lives of both animals and people in California is at the forefront of this work.

The idea behind the REAL ID is straightforward: Create a new form of state driver license or identification card that requires stricter documentation to guarantee the identity of the person who has one. However, the details can be confusing.

You will need a REAL ID to fly, enter a military base or a federal building. You can begin to apply for a REAL ID now. It will be required by the federal government on May 7, 2025, unless you have an alternate federal ID, such as a United States passport. You do not need a REAL ID to drive or receive federal benefits.